Todays’ episode opens with Pisachini saying the Shergills’ played a trick by wearing peacock mask to protect themselves from lizard, as lizards are scared of peacock feathers. She sees some smoke and worries, thinking because of the smoke lizard form are changing. She thinks she has to do something before the truth comes in front of everyone. Pisachini changes the direction of smoke. Everyone enjoys the masquerade party.

Simran and Divya promotes Nach Baliye.

Pisachini comes and takes out peacock feather from lizard and shows her. She alerts lizard and sends her. She says by the time she will take out everyones’ feathers. Light goes and Pisachini takes out the feather.

Drishti hears the ankle bells and gets scared. Divya comes and ask Drishti if she is fine. She tells her that she heard ankle bells and asks her to look who is turning into yellow. They look and gets shocked its’ Simran. Divya says to Drishti that Simran is going out.

Rakshit looks for Drishti. Black smoke suffocates everyone at the party. Pisachini gets happy thinking now everyone will die and she’ll get her Kaal Vijay ratna.

Divya and Drishti stops Simran. Drishti tells that it is a human bomb. Divya and Drishti ask Chiranjiv to help them a way to save Simran. Chiranjiv tells them that they have just 24 minutes to save her and only one person can save Simran. Divya ask to give them the clue about that person. Drishti gets tensed and says to Drishti that they can’t let Pisachini win. She says they have to do something. The countdown begins.

Drishti recalls Chiranjiv’s words and says now only Lord Shiv can save Simran. Divya and Drishti take Simran to the temple.

Rakshit says from where the smoke is coming. Pisachini looks for Simran and says where she disappeared, as the time is close for her explosion. Lava comes and asks Pisachini what happened. Pisachini tells her that Divya, Drishti and Simran are missing so she is going to look for them and by the time she asks Lava to keep an eye on the house mates.

Pisachini warning:

Pisachini searches for Divya and Drishti. She looks them and says they are running with her emerald. Drishti asks Divya to look carefully for Pisachini, as she shouldn’t know about them else she will create problems for them. Simran shows them a car. Divya goes and bring the car. The three of them goes Pisachini comes behind them.

Otherside, everyone suffocates at Shergill house. Rakshit says his power is not working against Pisachini smoke. Lava turns into Lizard and everyone gets shocked. She hits the members and laughs.

Lava turns into full lizard and attacks Mahima, Rashi with her poison. Later, she attacks each one with her poison and only Rakshit is left. Rakshit says he needs to go out to come back as Anjan.

Divya and Drishti reach the temple. They take Simran inside the temple. Divya directs Drishti and Drishti pleads Lord Shiva to help them out to save Simran. Pisachini comes and Simran shouts looking at her. Divya comes and fights with Pisachini and asks Drishti to take Simran away.

Drishti says she knows the other gate of the temple and asks Simran to help her and show the way. She get hit and falls on Lord Shiv idol. Simran says she is feeling better. Divya says to Drishti that Simran fallen on Lord Shiva’s idol. Pisachini asks Divya to leave the emerald.

Divya fights back with Pisachini:

Divya tells Drishti that Simran’s body color is changing. Drishti says to Simran that Lord Shiv has taken the emerald power from her body. She asks Simran to pick up the idol. Simran says it is heavy. Divya throws Pisachini out from the temple.

 Drishti, Divya and Simran pick up the idol and take it towards the river to avoid the effect of the explosion. Pisachini wakes up again and looks for Divya and Drishti. Divya asks Simran and Drishti to go and she will take care of Pisachini. She calls Rakshit and asks him to help them. Rakshit goes to help them.

Divya fights with Pisachini. Simran and Drishti carries the idol towards the river. Pisachini chokes Divya’s throat and hits her hard.

Drishti and Simran reach the river. Divya hits Pisachini back, uses her powers, and drops the temple pillars on her. Pisachini struggles for her life. Divya rings the bell and Drishti understands her signal. Simran about to fall and Divya come and hold the idol from falling. Drishti ask Divya to immerse the idol in the water.

Pisachini stands up and looks for her emerald.

Divya, Drishti and Simran along with the idol go inside the water. Rakshit gets worried. Divya and Simran looks for Drishti. Rakshit comes and Divya tells him everything. He asks for Drishti, Simran says her hand was left from them duo to blast. Pisachini hears them and says she lost her emerald.

Rakshit ask Divya and Simran to go and help family members and meanwhile he will search for Drishti and will bring her back. Rakshit cries for Drishti and searches for her. He looks Drishti at the otherside of the river and asks her to wake up. Drishti wakes up and Rakshit scolds her lovingly. He hugs Drishti. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Drishti can’t see and tries to find lizard to kill her. Drishti stabs Lizard.