Milton Berle once said: ‘Laughter is an instant vacation’ and well everyone will agree that it is indeed the best medicine. In life when we go through tough times we often tend to turn to reading or watching some light-hearted comedy that would relax our mood and act as a distraction from our everyday life, be it a stand-up comedy act by popular YouTubers or a comedy show running on television. Several comedians have been sharing curated videos on their channel, offering some amazing standup comedy retreat to the audience. From jokes narrating the struggles of everyday life to the bold political statements incorporated in the performances, stand-up comedy in today’s times is looked upon as go to content by the youth. In this pandemic situation, while the entire nation is held in quarantine, Star Plus has a special little surprise for you. If you are amongst the fan base of stand-up comedy and comedians such as Zakir Khan and Kunal Kamra who give a comic twist to the daily struggles of everyday life which is funny as well as relatable, you will definitely love Star Plus’s new show ‘Maharaj Ki Jai Ho’ airing from Monday- Friday 9PM.

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho is a unique science fiction comedy which provides light-hearted entertainment with its differentiated flavor of showcasing a comical side to mythology with a touch of fantasy. Amidst the dire situation in the country, the makers are offering the audience with a completely different and contrasting perspective of present times and earlier era by tickling the funny bones of its viewers by presenting the comic side of current pop culture scenarios in India such as the IPL 20:20 premier league played amongst the members of Hastinapur which will surely leave them in splits of laughter.

Premiered on 23rd March, the show boasts of an extraordinary cast including Satyajeet Dubey, Nitesh Pandey, Rajesh Kumar,Monica Castellino, Riya Sharma, Akash Dabhade and Ashwin Mushran among others.

We are sure the viewers are enjoying a trip back in time with a dash of humour and comical side of life’s current scenario in India as Maharaj Ki Jai Ho will continue to entertain them with its exceptional presentation!

To experience a joyful laughter riot, tune in to Maharaj Ki Jai Ho every Monday-Friday at 9:00pm only on Star Plus!