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The episode starts with Rukmani saying to her granddaughter that she can’t destroy her life. Doree rushed to save that baby. She threatens her to stay away from the child. Rukmani demands Doree to leave from there. Doree says that Rukmani is a monster. She won’t allow her to hurt anyone hereafter. Rukmani throws sand on her eyes. She says that she will do what’s on her mind. Meanwhile, Pavithra asks Flora to pack her things. We came here to seperate Doree from Ganga. We completed their task. We don’t need to stay in this poor family anymore. Flora thinks that she wanted to stay with baba more days. She says to Pavithra that Doree may return to this house. We didn’t completed their task. Kailashi Devi gives milk to her. She asks Flora to give it Ganga. He will forget Doree. Flora thinks that his real daughter is here. Why he is thinking about Doree. Meanwhile, Rukmani tied Doree. Doree says to her that she is doing the wrong thing. Rukmani says that she is always coming in her way. She is a thorn in her path. She will take everything back from her which she snatched from her. She takes her finger prints in that property documents. Doree says that she can’t become a good Thakurian. Rukmani says that she is a monster.

Rukmani says to Doree that she is always creating problems in her life. Doree asks her what’s she saying. Rukmani says that she will say the truth to her. Ganga is lost in his thoughts. Flora asks him to play with her. Ganga imagined Doree there. He plays with her. Kailashi Devi says to Nani that she didn’t take the wrong decision. Ganga is slowly getting attached to his real daughter. Flora is playing with him. Nani says that she can’t understand Ganga at all. Ganga mentioned Flora as Doree. She gets frustrated and shouts on him that she is his daughter Flora not Doree. Ganga asks her where is Doree? He want to search her. Kailashi Devi says that it’s time to accept his family and forget Doree. Ganga says that he don’t have anyone in this house. Its all fake relationship. His daughter left him. He leaves from there.

Nani says to Kailashi Devi that she may be happy after separated Doree from Ganga. She took his heart out then how could she expect him to live. Later, Mansi is driving the car. She thinks that she might find out the truth. She prays to god that Doree is her daughter. The results will be positive. Meanwhile, Rukmani says to Doree that all her property is on her name. This is why she separated her from baba. Doree is shocked to hear it. Rukmani says that her house and solar shringar is also in her name. She did this all for it. Now , she is going to die along with her granddaughter. She sets a fire and leaves. Doree prays god to save her. Rukmani says to God that she won today. Mansi notices that her car break not working. Anand recalls the way he disconnected the break wire. Ganga noticed that Mansi’s car loses its control. Mansi thinks that she doesn’t know whether Doree is her daughter or not. She prays god to protect her. Ganga follows her car. He shouts on her to jump out of the car. The car falls down from the cliff. Mansi holds the tree. Ganga rushes to help her.

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