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The episode starts with Public prosecutor asking Doree to show the proof. She said to them that Thakurian locked her in a cage. He says that he needs a proof to provide it. She shouldn’t accuse a person who has a respect in this society. Basti people asking the lawyer to talk anything in favour of them. Komal gets irritated and says that her mom didn’t commit this mistake. The public prosecutor asking Doree to bring the evidence. It’s the last chance to her. What was her father occupation. He offers money to her but Doree refuses to accept it. He says that this child isn’t a fool. She is a cunning girl. She is wasting their time in the court. He asks the judge to give the punishment to her. Nani is praying in the temple for Doree. She asks the God to support the truth. Ganga Prasad needs justice for his death. Ganga Prasad crossed her. Nani stares him from behind. She says that he is her Ganga Prasad. She notices that his hand is alright. She thinks that he isn’t her Ganga Prasad.

Bhairavi feels bad for Doree. The judge is about to give an judgement. Kailashi Devi comes there. She asks him to stop there. The judge asks Doree if she know her? Doree says that she knew the truth. Kailash Devi informs the judge that Doree isn’t lying. She recalls the way what happened in her hut. Doree was trying to save Kailashi Devi. Her helper takes her from there. Kailash Devi is ready to accept her death but she wanted to see her son one last time. She wanted to meet him. She faints there. Ganga Prasad wakes up. He saved her from the fire. Kailash Devi says to the Judge that Rukmani locked Doree in a cage. She saved her from that dark room. Komal recalls that incident and informs Raj about it. He asks her to shut up. Rukmani starts sweating. The public prosecutor says to the judge that she is creating a new story against Thakurian. She entered into the haveli but no one notices her. She asks her not to support Doree. Kailash Devi says that she isn’t lying.

Mansi asks Mahendar what’s he trying to say? He signals her that he will write it. She gives a pen and paper to her hand. Rukmani says that she doesn’t know who she is? She is not revealing her identity to them. She asks her to reveal her face first. She refuses to show her face. Rukmani forces her to reveal her face. Bhairavi stops her. Kailash Devi thinks that if she see her face then she will start searching for her son. She says to Doree that she can’t help her and leaves from there. Komal says that she may be a actress that is why left. The lawyer says that she is a liar. He asks the judge to punish Doree and bast people. Doree pleads with the judge to give a justice to her father. The judge says that there isn’t enough proof so she is postponed this hearing. The lawyer asks Rukmani to finish the formalities.
Rukmani thinks who is that woman? Why didn’t she show her face to them. Rukmani says to Doree that she is always messaging up with her. She killed her father. She will snatch everyone from her side one by one. She will written on her head that Ganga Prasad is a thief. Doree pushed her. She says that God will definitely help her to expose her. She thinks that Doree is confident. If that woman motivating her. She want to find that woman.

Episode end

Doree noticed Kailash Devi’s face

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