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The episode starts with Doree thinking that she will definitely bring Rukmani’s truth out today. Meanwhile, Yash says to Basti people that he is trying a lot to give a job to them. Bhairavi says that he is the good person in the Thakurian family. They informs him that their body is itching after wearing that dress. They misunderstands Yash. Maya thinks that Rukmani is her next target. Rukmani feels dizzy in the party. Mansi starts coughing. Doree gives bhang to her. She tells her that she can play the holi. She starts dancing with Doree there. She notices Rukmani is losing her balance. Medicine is working on her. Ganga Prasad is admiring Komal and Raj dance. Mansi notices him and takes colors to apply him. Rukmani imagines Ganga Prasad crossing her. She checks whether Agni is there or not? Rukmani thinks if they are two different person. She follows him behind. Doree searched for Rukmani. She wanted to take her near Ganga Prasad. She will confess the truth to him.

Raj stops Doree and ask her to bring the bhang. Komal lost in the game. Meanwhile, Basti people surrounded Yash. Nani says that they misunderstood him. He isn’t a bad person like others. He never treated them badly. Bhairavi supports him too. They are angry with Yash. Yash says that he won’t try to harm them. They wanted to attach the textile. Meanwhile, Komal thinks that Neelu is carrying Anand’s baby. She married to Ganga. Ganga is playing Holi with Mansi. She is Anand’s wife. She is confused. She notices Raj applied colors to someone else. She fumes. Mansi is chasing Ganga to apply colors on him. Later, Rukmani notices a person entering into Haveli. She is following him behind.

Mansi loses her balance but Ganga Prasad holds her. She applied colors on her face. He applied colors on her. He helps her to get up. Neelu notices this. She thinks that Mansi is celebrating Holi with her husband. He didn’t allow her to apply colors on him. Why no one is seeing it. She searched for Rukmani. Doree is also searching for her another side. Rukmani opens the shower and shocked to see the blood coming from the shower. Ganga Prasad name written on the mirror with a blood. Rukmani is scared to see the shadow there. Mansi says to Ganga that he isn’t listening to anyone. She leaves from there. Ganga Prasad thinks what’s happening to him? It’s a new feelings to him. Doree hears Rukmani’s voice.

Doree hides from her sight. Rukmani collides with Agni. Doree thinks that she came in front of baba. She will reveal the truth to him.

Episode end

Precap; Rukmani blabbers the truth to Ganga

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