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The episode starts with Flora saying to Rukmani that she will torture Doree a lot. Doree will leave from Ganga’s life asap. Doree comes there. She asks her if Flora awake? Meanwhile, Rukmani thinks that Flora is brilliant. Anand gives money to her. He says that they have to sell everything if the situation continues like this. Rukmani says that Virendra assures her that he will invest 10cr in their business so they don’t need to worry about it. Anand says that we can’t listen to him always for his money. We have to plan something to get back their money from Doree. Rukmani says that she already made a plan for it. Meanwhile, Pavithra lies to Doree that she was watching Flora’s old videos. She tells him that they will leave from here once Flora gained her consciousness. Doree asks them to stay there. Pavithra denied it. Ganga says that he wouldn’t have accepted them if he was old Ganga. When Doree came to his life he was changed. If Doree want them to stay here then he won’t stop them. Pavithra asks him what’s his opinion. Ganga says that he doesn’t want to allow them to stay here. Doree asking him to show his love to Flora. Ganga assures her to give his father love to Flora.

Flora pretends like gained her consciousness. Flora thanked him for saved her life. She says that she won’t leave him again. She pushed Doree away. Kailash Devi takes the evil eyes from them. She says that she got her family back. She arranged a Puja for them tomorrow. Pavithra thinks that her plan is success. Meanwhile, Rukmani gives a cover to Anand. She says that it’s the first step in their plan. It’s a gift for Doree. Rukmani says that Ganga got his family back. Rukmani thinks that it’s just a beginning. She is going to face the worst. The next day, Pavithra helps everyone to arrange the puja. Flora returns to home along with Ganga. Ganga says to her that Doree used to draw best Rangoli in basti. Flora pretends like faint there to ruin her rangoli. Pavithra rushes to help her.
Nani says that she ruined the rangoli. Flora says that Flora is alright that’s enough to her.

Kailash Devi says that she stitched a new clothes for her. Flora thanked her. Doree asks her where is her dress? She knew her favourite colors. Kailashi apologized to her and says that she only stitched one dress due to lack of time. Doree gets upset. Flora says that she is going to sit with Ganga in the puja. It’s not a big issue. Doree don’t need to wear a new dress. Nani asks Doree to wear the dress Ganga brought for her last Diwali. She will looks like queen in it. Ganga says that he will stitch a dress for her with his own hands. She will sit with him on the puja.

Flora takes Doree from there. Ganga asks Kailash Devi not to show partiality to Doree and Flora. Doree is important to him then Doree. Few people comes there to investigate Ganga. They gives a notice to him. They complaints that Doree isn’t his daughter. She is always ending up in danger. No one is there to take care of her. Ganga says that she is important to him. She is his everything. Doree thought to gift a new dress to Ganga. Flora plans to ruin it. Ganga pleads with the team to not separate Doree from him. He thinks that no one can’t separate Doree from him. Flora pushes Doree into a hot water.
Flora thinks that she will sit in the puja not her.

Episode end

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