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The episode starts with Kailash Devi saying to Ganga Prasad that she wants to ask something of him. She asks him to give his designs to her. This world will see his designs. She will gift him something big for him. She asks him to forgive her son’s mistake. She asks him to help her in business. Ganga Prasad recalls the way Anand hit him with the car and hurt Doree. He also remembers that neighbours started ignoring them after that incident. Doree excuses them and takes a wheelbarrow there. She sits on it. She said to her that she will talk with her on behalf of the Basti walo. She has a condition for her. Meanwhile, Vansh uses a slingshot on his servants. They drop the food. He threatens them to fire them for ruining his food. Mansi comes there and asks the servants to leave. She will clean it. Vansh says to her that he didn’t drop the food. Mansi says that he did the same there. He tells her that she saw someone else in the temple. She tells him that he did that in the temple too. She advised him. He ignores her. Later, Ganga Prasad says to her that she has to give work to others too. He can’t enjoy this deal alone. Doree asks her to shake her hand with her if she agrees to her demand.

Kailash shakes her hands with her. Neenu praises Kailash Devi. Kailash Devi asks them to meet her at her shop tomorrow. She will hire them. Doree asks her to stop there. Meanwhile, Sudha says to Mansi that she heard everything. She wasn’t like this before. She was a caring and loving person before. She can’t see the same happiness in her face. What happened to her? Mansi recalls the way Anand killed her daughter. She says that they snatched her baby from her. Then how will she show her love? Anand manages the situation there by saying she doesn’t get a chance to show her love to Vansh. Mansi says that they are in the same state. She can’t give birth to a baby. That’s why she can’t become a mom. But she gave birth to a baby though she couldn’t be a mom. Doree gives a gift to Kailash Devi and says that it’s equal now. Nani says to her that they won’t allow them to leave a married woman empty-handed after visiting her house. It’s their tradition. Doree says that a daughter gave it to her. Kailash Devi accepts it.

Kailash Devi throws it in the dirt. She walks on it. She asks the driver to start the car. Meanwhile, Basti people take Arathi to Doree and Ganga Prasad. They praised Doree as an Annapoorni. Satho asks them to apologise to them for misunderstanding them. Doree asks him to do a sit up. Doree says to Ganga Prasad that this world is going to recognise his talents. Ganga Prasad says that she handled Kailash Devi well. She is a queen, it seems. Doree says that she is queen of Ganga Prasad. Meanwhile, Kailash Devi reaches the river Ganga. She throws her accessories in the water. She recalls the way she begged Ganga Prasad. Doree puts forth a condition in front of her. Kailash Devi loosened her hair. She fumes with a rage. Kailash Devi jumps into the river and offers water to the god.

Kailash Devi says that she visited Basti because of a 6-year-old girl. She humiliates her there. She made her beg there. She doesn’t know what she has done. She shouldn’t have humiliated her. She would face the consequences of it.

Episode end

Precap; Mansi learns that her daughter is alive.

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