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The episode starts with Mansi begging Anand to let her go. Anand says that he wants to show her that she is just an object and he has all the rights over her. Anand pushes Mansi on the bed. Mansi shouts asking him to let her go and shouts no. Doree’s dadi is talking with her family members about Doree and Mansi. Just then, media arrive there. Doree and her family come out and wonder what’s happening. A group of women arrive there and attack Doree and her family with tomatoes. They accuse Doree of wrongly accusing Kailash Devi. Doree shouts claiming that she didn’t lie. Doree’s grandfather asks his son to get the police. Just then, Rukmani arrives. The reporters question her. Rukmani says that she sued Doree and her family on the charge of defamation and asked for 50 lakhs. Rukmani threatens Doree. Doree and her family get accused. Doree cries in front of her dad’s photo about the happenings.

Anand leaves the room. Sudha watches this. She then goes in. She hugs Mansi. The latter breaks down. Sudha comforts Mansi and apologizes for not being able to save her from Anand’s misbehavior. Doree and Dadi cry, remembering what happened. Dadi looks at her son’s photo frame and thinks in mind that she wishes to die instead of suffering. Doree asks Dadi why it’s happening to them. Dadi reassures Doree that everything will be fine. She asks Doree to get ready the morning to go to her dad. Doree asks how they can go to her dad who is dead. Dadi ties the poisoning powder in her saree pallu. Dadi says that the n next there’s a special puja for her dad. They will make kheer and attend the puja. She will say that they will eat the kheer later and will go to her dad. She apologizes to Doree in her mind. Doree asks Dadi to give the kheer now instead of the next day so that they can go to her dad. But Dadi says that they will go tomorrow.

Komal hides the money under the bedsheet when Yash arrives. However, Raj sees the money and asks Komal how she got so much money. He asks her if she sold his daughter for money? She tells him that she isn’t a witch to behave like that. She lies to him that her brother sent this money to her. Meanwhile, Nani preparing kheer. Doree says to her that she will hug her father and bring him back to home. Nani asks Doree to go and take a shower. Nani mixed the poison in the kheer. She thinks that she can’t bring back Ganga Prasad but we can go near him. Later, Sudha feeding food to Mansi. She requests her to eat it. She assures her that Yash will do something for her. Mansi says that she is tired so she needs a rest. She recalls the way Anand humiliated her. She looks at herself in the mirror. Yesterday incident flashes on her mind. Meanwhile, Nani helps Doree to get ready. She asks her why she is getting ready like this. Nani says that we are going to meet Ganga Prasad. He will scold her if she don’t help her to get ready. Doree says that she looks like a heroine now. Nani says that she is heroine. Ganga Prasad’s photo falls down while they leave. She thinks that she doesn’t has any other option in her hand. Doree asks her why she is staring their house like this? It seems like she don’t return to home. She tells her that she will share a secret with her after she returned to home. Doree informs Janaki that they are going to meet her father. Nani excuses her. She thinks why she is talking like this. Meanwhile, Mansi apologized to Doree and thinks that she is a coward. She couldn’t fulfill the promise and save her. She decided to commit suicide.

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Precap; Doree’s life in a danger

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