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The episode starts with Maya asking Doree to burn Rukmani alive. She complaints to Rukmani that she snatched her happiness. She ruined her childhood. She doesn’t love her. She isn’t her mother. She asks Doree to burn Rukmani. Doree recalls the way Rukmani humiliated Ganga Prasad and killed him. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad noticed Kailashi Devi was locked in the underground. She mentioned his name. Ganga Prasad breaks the lock and ask her to hold his hand. Doree blow off the match stick. She says to Maya that she don’t want to harm Rukmani. She just want her baba back. Let’s give her to the police. We shouldn’t take the wrong move. Maya says that she will burn her. Anand shoots at her hand. Doree is shocked to see him there. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad saved Kailashi Devi. She hugged him in happiness. He mentioned her as his mom. He asks her if she his mom? He can feel her touch and presence. Ganga asks her what’s she doing here? Kailashi Devi says to him that he is considering her as his mom. She isn’t real mom. She was her twin sister Rukmani. She revealed the truth him. Ganga Prasad is shocked to hear it.

Doree asks him why did he shooted Maya? She is a good person. Rukmani is a bad person. Anand removes his fake beard. He points the gun at Rukmani. Meanwhile, Kailashi Devi says to Ganga Prasad that Rukmani tried to kill him manytimes. When she killed him. She came to helped him. Doree used to save him manytimes. She is his daughter. Ganga Prasad says that Rukmani snatched Doree and his mom from him. He says that Rukmani killed Doree. Kailashi Devi is shocked to hear it. Meanwhile, Anand united Rukmani’s hand. Rukmani says to Maya that he proved today that a son is important to her. She was also her daughter but she tried to kill her. Doree says to him that he saved her then why he is helping Rukmani. Anand says that it was a drama. This is his real face.

Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad says to his mom that Doree warned him that Rukmani is his enemy. But he didn’t trusted her. He asks her to go with him. Kailashi Devi says to him that he shouldn’t inform them that he met her till he expose Rukmani.
Ganga Prasad assures him that he will punish them all. Later, Rukmani asks Doree if she know how did she find out she is Doree. She recalls the way she met Anand and puts a deal with him. He demanded her to transfer the property on his name. Rukmani assures to him. He informed her that Bhola is Doree. Later, Maya faints down. Doree says to Anand that he betrayed her. Rukmani says to her that she can’t change to boy by wearing boy dress. She shows a girl dress to her. This is her real identity. Doree changed into her dress. Doree says to Rukmani that Mata Rani will punish her for her every mistake. Anand makes Doree unconscious.

Rukmani says that she is believing in god. She says that today is the last day in her life. Ganga Prasad returns to home taking a sword in his hand. Mansi follows him behind. She informs him that Doree is alive.

Episode end

Precap; Maya reveals the truth to Ganga Prasad.

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