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The episode starts with Kailashi Devi giving the wedding dress to Mansi. She asks her to wear it tomorrow in a mandap. Yash teases her. He said that he is happy for her. Meanwhile, Doree shows the embroidery design to Govind. She says that Ganga will wear this dress tomorrow. Its a gift for him from her side. Govind praised the design. Ganga asks her what’s she hiding from them? She hides the dress. Anand hears it all. He thinks that he wanted to see, how Ganga is going to marry Mansi tomorrow. He breaks the hands cuff. Later, Kailashi Devi gifts a saree and jewels to Komal. She is surprised to see it. Kailashi Devi says that she is like her daughter. Its a gift from her. Something good going to happen in their life after many days. Komal gets happy when she mentioned that she is like her daughter. Kailashi says that she isn’t showing any difference to them. Komal is same like Mansi to her. Bhairavi informs Mahendra that Anand escaped from the jail. She assures her that she won’t allow Anand to enter into this haveli. Kailash Devi says that tomorrow is very important day in Mansi’s life. They can’t take a risk. Bhairavi assures her that she will take care of everything.

The next day, Doree tied the Shehara to Ganga Prasad. They leaves from the basti. Groom reaches to the haveli taking barath. Kailashi Devi welcomes them. Mansi sits beside the groom. Doree says that she will tie the gandh bandhan. Virendra comes there. Doree gets happy. She says that she is aware he will come back to bless his sister. Virendra stabs the groom. Doree cries seeing him. Mansi asks him how could he show his anger on him. Ganga Prasad says that he is here. They are shocked to see Ganga Prasad coming from opposite side. They checked the groom face. They are shocked to see Anand in groom place. Doree asks him, how did he find out that Anand is behind the sehara? He says that Doree made him understand the reality. He saw Anand escaping from the police. He followed him behind. He noticed that Anand takes Ganga’s place in the mandap. He can’t allow his sister to marry this monster again. That is why he stabbed him.

Doree hugs Ganga Prasad. Anand tried to stab Virendra. Doree stops him. She says that he is her Mama. Bhairavi arrested Anand and takes him from there. Doree asks Virendra if he gives a gift to her. He assures her. Ganga Prasad and Mansi exchanged their garlands. Ganga Prasad ties the knot with Mansi. They takes a family picture. Later, Ganga Prasad searched for Doree. Mansi says that she is also searching for her. Nani complaints that her color box is missing. Meanwhile, Doree disguise like Shiva and gets Prasad from the temple. Satho is with her. They noticed a baby crying. The priest says that someone left her here. Doree takes the responsibility of that child. She says that her family will take a good care on her. Rukmani is in jail. She thinks that she won’t stay inside the jail for life long. She will come out one day and take her revenge on her. Doree returns to home along with the baby. She is shocked to see her haveli catch fire.

After a leap.

Doree is following the tradition. She is determined to fulfill her baba’s dream. Rukmani released from the jail. She says that she will snatch everything from Doree. Its not an end but a begining.

Episode end

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