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The episode starts with Doree thinking that she is still walking like Doree. She walks like a boy. Doree thinks that Rukmani didn’t recognise Bhola. She thinks to check whether the jalebi shop owners can recognise her or not. He couldn’t recognise her. She collides with Madhu. She couldn’t recognise her. She thinks that she is passed in the exam. Later, Neelu waits for Ganga Prasad. She thinks that they will throw her out of the house without Ganga Prasad. He comes there and goes to his room ignoring Neelu. Mansi comes behind him. Neelu says that she betrayed her by kept an affair with Anand. But she shouldn’t take revenge on her by having an affair with her husband. Mansi says that she shouldn’t compare herself with her. Neelu isn’t a worst person to compare herself with her. She didn’t fall stoop like her. Neelu says that today is Holi. Let’s color our face. She is about to color her face but Mansi stops her. Neelu tells her that she is her elder sister-in-law. If she forgot the relationship between them.

Mansi says that she didn’t forget anything. She doesn’t deserve any respect from her. She may be pretending to care for her husband. She can do it in front of Ganga Prasad. Her cheap tactics won’t work out in front of her. Neelu says that she is talking much. Mansi says that she took the advantage of the situation and became a daughter-in-law of this house. Neelu says that she used the situation. But why did Mansi returned to this house when Anand left her. He doesn’t want her. She shifted to his elder brother and taking advantage of him. Mansi pushes the colors down in anger. She tells her that she can slap her and give the answer to her for it. She didn’t touched her because she doesn’t want to make her hand dirt by touching her. If she put a stone in a garbage it will fall in her. Neelu says that he is not Ganga Prasad but Agni. Mansi says that whoever he is? He is Doree’s father to her. She will fight with anyone for Doree. Neelu thinks that Anand left her that is why she is insulting her. When time comes she will give a fitting reply to her. She thinks that she has to get close with Ganga Prasad or else he will go out of her hand.

Meanwhile, Doree recalls the way she played Holi with Satho and his parents. She noticed Nani is cooking sweets. She recalls the way she stole it and eat it with Satho. Nani catch her red-handed. Nani missed Doree while cooking. Doree hides and eat the sweets. Nani catch her. She runs from there. Nani follows her behind. Doree throws colors on them. She asks them not to misunderstand her it’s Holi. Satho and his father celebrates the holi. Doree missed her father. Ganga Prasad says to Yash that he is his elder brother. He can forgive him today. Yash tells him that he isn’t his brother. Ganga Prasad gets the flashes of his past. He feels dizzy. Meanwhile, Doree asks Nani why she is not celebrating the Holi. She couldn’t recognise her. She says that she stole the sweets. She made everyone celebrate the Holi here. Nani says that she isn’t his Nani. Why did he stole the sweets?

Rukmani thinks that she gave high dose medicine to Ganga Prasad then how did he return to home safely? She lies to him that she was happy to celebrate the Holi with him. She talks with him emotionally about the assets. He tells her that he will transfer everything on her name after the holi.

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Precap; Doree meets Ganga

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