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The episode starts with Rukmani colliding with Ganga Prasad. She says that he is playing with her brain. She says that Ganga pretending to be Agni and confusing her. He can’t scare here. He doesn’t even remember that she killed Ganga Prasad with her own hand. He is a fool that is why he is still believing that she is his mom. Neelu thinks that she is ruining everything. Doree feels happy to see Rukmani confessed the truth to him. Meanwhile, Yash is trying to stop the basti people from attacking the textiles. Maya thinks that she won’t leave Rukmani. She will ruin her life. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad ask Rukmani what did she said? He can’t hear anything. Water went into his ears. Neelu comes there. She says to him that she is intoxicated. She stops Rukmani from revealing the truth. She takes her from there. Mansi is playing with Komal. She calls Ganga Prasad to dance with her. Doree thinks that Rukmani confessed the truth but baba didn’t hear it.

Doree thinks that all her efforts went into a vain. Vansh is troubling Chakram. Vansh thinks that Bhola is shining here. He is the hero in this function. He pushed Bhola into the water. Ganga leaves from there. Mansi is playing with Vansh. Doree noticed that her makeup is fading away. If anyone see him then they will find out that she is Doree not Bhola. Bhola leaves from there. Ganga Prasad asks Raj what happened there? Raj tells him that basti people are creating a problem in the textiles. He thought to inform Rukmani. Ganga stops him. He leaves from there. Neelu calls Maya and ask her if she talked about it. She says that she just started a game. She will ruin Rukmani’s life. She asks Neelu to play holi. Neelu thinks why she is hating Rukmani? Whatever it is, she is helpful to her. Meanwhile, Rukmani thinks what’s happening to her? If he is Ganga? She is suspicious.

Rukmani checks the washroom. She couldn’t find any blood stain in that place. She opens the shower to check it again. She finds water coming from it. She recalls the way she find someone’s shadow behind the curtain. No one is there. She finds the mirror is clean as well. She thinks that it may be her imagination. She recalls what happened there? She thinks that everyone was playing Holi there. Bhola gave bhang to her. She won’t leave that Bhola. Meanwhile, Doree says to God that she couldn’t expose Rukmani. She has to save her baba from Rukmani. She asks the god to help her. She don’t need any rights but she just wanted to stay with her baba. Ganga Prasad tries to convince the basti people. They are angry at Thakurian’s family. They complained that everything was alright till they deliver the clothes. They doesn’t care about their life. They allowed them to starve. They don’t care about them anymore.

Ganga Prasad asks Yash what’s going on here? He tells him that he was ruling the basti people with his love. He became a owner and betrayed them. Ganga says that he is Agni. He wanted to help them. Nani reach to the temple. Doree hides seeing Nani. Nani shares her grief with the God. Doree hears it all. Doree wishes to console her. Doree noticed her fake parents there.

Episode end

Precap; Rukmani strangles Neelu’s neck

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