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Doree 31st MThe episode starts with Rukmani saying to Ganga Prasad that she wanted to apply colors on him first. Doree thinks that she used to apply colors to him first always. She feels disappointed hearing it. Rukmani is about to apply the colors on him. Mansi and Ganga Prasad noticed the pillar going to fall on Bhola. They rushes to save him. Bhola applied colors on them. She wishes happy Holi to them. Rukmani recognised him. She asks him doesn’t she met him outside the temple? What is he doing here? Bhola tells her that he came to work here. Mansi says that child shouldn’t work. She scolds the manager for allowed a child to work here. Rukmani asks him to leave from there. Ganga asks him to play holi with them. He says that he will play the holi. His dad used to say that he shouldn’t eat from the house where he don’t get any respect. He invited him to play holi with him. He will make sure that they can play a Holi here happily. He will lift their mood. Ganga Prasad thinks who he is? He is making everyone’s happy. Neelu thinks that she looks pretty then why is Ganga Prasad ignoring her? She calls Maya.

Neelu informs Maya that Rukmani planning to transfer the property on her name secretly. She says to her that she don’t need to worry about it. She is going to give a gift to Rukmani on Holi. She has to make sure that Ganga Prasad is on her side. Maya notices Yash talking with Sudha on phone. He is happily talking about their baby. He tells her that he is going to gift few clothes to the basti people. They will enjoy this holi with them. Maya hides from his site. She recalls the way she added itching powder into the clothes. She thinks that customers will give bad review about Rukmani’s textiles. She will ruin her business. She notices the customers are itching their body. Later, Bhola talks in a Mike to get everyone’s attention. She says to them that they are not enjoying the function. She will introduce a special game for them. Bhola says that it’s a competition between a woman and man.

Bhola narrates the rules to them. She says that it’s a color game. When the music plays they have to Target their partner and apply the colors. Who is getting colors first on them will be out of the game. Mansi is about to leave. Bhola stops her. She asks her to play with them. She says that Mansi is scared to play with them. Vansh says that she is a scared cat. Bhola supports Mansi there. Neelu thinks that he is trying to connect these two. She says that if they are out of the game them they have to drink the bhang. Bhola starts the game. Neelu notices Ganga and Mansi are staring each other. Yash gifted the clothes to bast people. Komal chasing Raj. Ganga chasing Mansi. Neelu interrupts them. Yash throws the colors on Neelu. Mahendra ignores Rukmani. Bhola added the medicine in the drinks. She asks a boy to apply the colors on Rukmani. She says to Rukmani that she lost in this game. She asks her to drink it. Rukmani drinks it.

Episode end

Precap: Rukmani blabbers the truth to Ganga

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