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The episode starts with Ganga Prasad saying to Bhola that he saved her life. He would have died without him. She thinks that he isn’t remembering Doree. He thinks that Bhola saved him. Ganga asks him what did he wanted? Bhola says that he might stay in Basti. Ganga asks him what will he get in it? He says that jilebi and katchodi. Ganga gives money to her. He says that he doesn’t want to be indebted to anyone. Bhola convinced him to stay in basti. She thinks that she will bring back his memory within a day. Meanwhile, Rukmani asks Raj to find out about Anand. He says to her that he tried a lot to stop her. Anand comes there disguise himself as a saint. They are shocked to see him in that state. Anand says that he becomes a saint to get rid of his sins. He came to see them one last time. Neelu tries to touch him. He says that a woman shouldn’t touch him. Rukmani says to him that Ganga pretending to lose his memory and playing with her. She needs his help. Anand says that he can’t help her in it. Rukmani thinks that she can’t find his game.

Doree praying to the God. She shared her grief with him. Meanwhile, Ganga says to Rukmani that he wanted to stay in basti. The story started there so he wanted to end it there. She thinks what’s going on his mind? He says to her that she lost her name in basti. He wanted to win their heart. Rukmani says that he was ready to transfer the property on her name. Ganga says that he doesn’t want to do it now. He is the elder son of this house. He saw the hate for her in their eyes. He won’t push her in danger. He will clear everything and return it to her hand. Rukmani thinks that he is playing with her brain. Ganga asks her to stay in basti. Anand comes there. He asks him how dare he to come here. Anand apologized to him for his mistake. He falls on his feet. He asks him to forgive him. Rukmani agreed to stay in basti. She is determined to find his plan. Later, Doree noticed a baby in the temple. She thinks that her relationship with Ganga started in this place. If god trying to say something to her.

Meanwhile, Mansi thinks what happened to her? Her head is aching. Neelu says that she drunk bhang. She enjoyed thoroughly. If she showed this side to Anand then he wouldn’t have left her. There is no need of this drama at all. Anand comes there. Neelu leaves from there. Anand apologized to her for everything. He says that he snatched her daughter from her. She says that his sorry won’t bring her daughter back. He was too late to apologise to her. He asks her to accept the divorce. She don’t need to live with an bad person like him. She tells him that she isn’t a fool to believe him. She asks him to stay away from her. Anand apologized to her. He thinks that he can’t reveal to her that Doree is her daughter. Her life is in danger. She can’t find her.

Bhola is waiting for Ganga. Nani asks him why he is walking to and forth. Why did he asked her to cook for food? Janaki asks him who is coming? Ganga Prasad comes there. He says that he fulfilled his words. He brought his mom with him. Doree is shocked to see her there.

Episode end

Precap; Rukmani plays a dirty game

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