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The episode starts with Yash conducting a pooja. A special guest attended the function. Rukmani asks Anand if he is sure that Doree won’t return to Banaras? He assures her. Rukmani is about to light the diya. The guest stops her. She says that today is Saraswati Puja. Doree saved many girls life. She will light the diya. She will give an appreciation and price to her after this function. She asks them to call Doree. Yash asks his assistant to call Doree. He informs him that Doree isn’t in Basti. Everyone vacated the basti. Yash thinks that they left from this place in a fear. Anand says that his mom used to start this puja always. This time also history repeats. She is about to light the diya. Doree comes there along with Basti people. Rukmani is shocked to see her. She asks Anand how did she come here?

Doree recalls the way she wakes up at the night. She asks them where are they going? Nani tells her that they are going far from Banaras. They tortured her a lot. Doree says that tomorrow is Saraswati Puja. A new beginning. They shouldn’t run away like this in a night. Rukmani killed her father. She might be punished for her deeds. She shouldn’t leave her. She asks them to believe her. Nani says that we can’t do anything against her. Doree says that Dad advised her to fight for justice. She won’t back off. She motivates them. Nani assured her to support her. Doree comes to the present. Everyone claps for Doree there. Rukmani thinks that Doree shouldn’t blame her for Ganga Prasad’s death again. Meanwhile, Komal creating problems in the police station. She refuses to leave until she find out the kidnapper.

Bhairavi received the CCTV footage of the market area. They find out that Neelu abducted their child. Meanwhile, Doree lights the Diya. The guest asks her to collect the prize. Doree says to her that she don’t need it. Whenever she receives prize something bad happens in her life. When she got the prize in the running competition her father met with an accident. The next time her father went far from her. She wants justice. She says that someone snatched her father from her. Someone killed her father. She needs justice for his death. She points Rukmani and says that she killed her father. Everyone is shocked to hear it. She is saying the truth. Nani says that she is saying the truth. Doree won’t lie. Govind always supported her. He blames Rukmani for his death. Anand gets a phone call from the police station. Kailash Devi is praying for Ganga Prasad.

Kailash Devi thinks that he got energy to fight with them on that day. He needs same energy to get well asap. Janaki asks her what’s she going to pray in the temple? She thinks that she wants to pray to God to punish the culprit. Anand assures Rukmani that he is with her. Yash asks Sudha to take the children from here. Anand learns that Neelu kidnapped Vansh and Ansh. He thinks that he will punish her for her deeds. Neelu runs from there seeing the police. Bhairavi is determined to arrest Neelu. Everyone says that Rukmani might be punished for her mistake. She asks them to shut up. She says that Doree is lying and blaming her. The truth is Ganga Prasad is a thief. She lost her sense after it. She even stabbed Mansi. She wanted to ruin her family. She doesn’t know why she is hating her this much. Nani threatens her. Anand asks them to support Rukmani instead of a thief. Doree requests Mansi to reveal the truth. Doesn’t she saved her life? She asks her to swear on God.

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Precap; Mansi reveals the truth

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