In upcoming episode after a lovely encounter when Dr. Sid cares for sleeping Dr. Ishani during the marriage preparations of Jignesh and Jessica, Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid face an awkward situation. Later, Dr. Sid asks Dr. Ishani is she in love with him? No matter how much tempted Dr. Ishani is, she resists in telling him the three magical word. She imagined her consciousness who appeared behind Dr. Sid asking her not to say anything. She somewhat faking her rudeness said that neither he is so fortunate that she loves him not she is so unfortunate. This makes Dr. Sid restless.

However, ignoring what she said, he continue to ask her. He said, she doesn’t know how many ladies love him for what he is. Dr. Ishani’s consciousness appear again doing ditto for what he said. Though, Dr. Ishani beats like a love – sick girl but she denies of any such thing. When Dr. Sid insisted, she got a hint of his interest in her. She then asks him, why he is so desperate to claim her love for him. 

Moreover, Dr. Anjali will get a saree as a gift from Vardhan. He asks her, if she wears in the marriage party he will think that he has been forgiven for manhandling her. 

It seems gradually the tension between Dr. Juhi and Dr. Shashank is calming. When asked by Dr. Juhi that he really loved her before, he said he was always there with her celebrating little joys of life or sharing sad moments. He trusts her completely. What she think? The respect or bond which they share, is that love?

Precap is fascinating as Dr. Sid suck the blood from Dr. Ishani pricked finger and later teasing him with statement like “Sher ke muh mein khoon lag gaya”