Whenever there has been a debate for a character somewhat like Robinhood, arguments are sure to be raised. Such is Sanjivani 2’s male lead Dr. Sid. Some believe such Robinhood characters are necessary and some think they are an outlaw. This arguments and counter arguments makes the character more intriguing and mystical. Let’s resonate both sides of the debate and check whether Dr. Sid is right or wrong. 

Those in favour will argue about his good heart and compassion. Dr. Sid believes in equality and feels the necessity to treat his patients equally. He never give a second thought whether is rich or poor. He just want to serve. So, if the person is with limited means and the world is concentrated more on gathering means, provides it. Since, he himself have dearth of monetary means, he takes from the rich who can afford leisure. Then, he distributes to poor who are deprived of even necessities. He says and considers, “Iss duniya mein amiron ko paisa bachata hai aur garibo ko jugad”.

Now,  let’s check out the wrong part. Whatever, Dr. Sid does is unlawful. He takes from riches and give to poor willingly. The person from whom he is taking is willing to give him commission. Though, he is wrong in taking commission which is against the rules of Sanjivani but after watching Dr. Vardhan, it doesn’t seem like everything is according to rules in Sanjivani. But those in argument will says that doesn’t means he is doing wrong. 

According to Indian beliefs, if one lie is saving someone’s life, then one should do it. That suffice the actions of this Robinhood doctor. If one overlook the law aspect in his doing, then what he is doing will justify the results. In other words, end will justify the means. 

What do say folks? Is Dr. Sid correct as his doings are for the betterment of people. He is grey but everyone is in modern world and everyone is wrong at some point. Do let us know your opinion in our comment section. Let’s Get Bizzin!!