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Episode begins with Chumki asks Charu to promise on Durga and say that everything is lie in that letter. She says that she want to see Charu will save her friendship or love. Charu promises on Durga that she never loved Anirban. Chumki asks her to say Anirban don’t love her. Durga asks Charu to prove that Chumki is wrong. Charu thinks that she can’t promise and she can’t tell the truth too. Anirban comes there and says that he don’t love Charu. He tells Durga that she should ask this question to him. He says that Charu never trusted him and at least Durga should trust him. And he took pheres with Durga and he will fulfill them. He notices the letters and tears them. He tells Chumki that he is forgiving her because she is Durga’s sister.

Durga scolds Chumki. She says that she would not have come in between Charu and Anirban and if they loved each other then. Anirban tells her that no one would have trusted them if anyone else read the letter. He says that he want Charu and Chumki to leave the house tomorrow and leaves from there. Chumki tells Durga that she won’t repeat the mistake. Durga refuses to forgive Chumki and leaves from there.

Later, Dadi tells Savitri that today Durga has to sleep in guest room. Savitri tells her that Durga knows about it already. Abhirup proudly says that he choosed Durga for their family. They talks about Anirban’s mother. Abhirup leaves from there. Latika tells him that Charu is also staying in their house and what if something went wrong. He tells her that, that’s not matter because Charu will be like Latika and moves from there. She gets shocked hearing him.

Abhirup asks Anirban that what Charu is doing there. Anirban tells him that he got married to Durga and he knows his responsibilities. Abhirup tells him that Charu kind of people don’t deserve to become anyone’s wife and Anirban can do whatever he wants to do with Charu. Anirban tells him that the latter misunderstood. He says that he don’t have any intention like that and Charu is not that kind of girl. He informs him that tomorrow Charu is leaving the house and leaves from there.

Latika tells herself that she will take revenge on Abhirup. She says that Mihir is her and Abhirup’s son and no one know about it. Chumki comes there and tells Latika everything. Latika scolds her. Anirban wonders that how Chumki know that he love Charu. And how can Abhirup insult Charu. He tells himself that he should not think about Charu.

Durga tells Charu that she know the latter won’t broke her trust. She says that she can’t risk her relationship and she can’t see Charu’s insult. She tells her to leave with Chumki. Charu tells her that she decided to study in London. So she want to stay with Durga until she is in India. Durga tells her that they have to stop Chumki too.

Latika tells Anirban that Charu love him. Anirban opposes her. She asks him that why Charu came if she don’t love him then. He thinks that he has to find out why Charu came.

Episode ends.

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