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Episode begins with Bholi tells herself that the headache is killing her. Meanwhile, Durga tells Chaturbhuj that he can’t go to palace. She says that Bholi and Chumki living in the palace and police thinks they are spy so police sent their spy Charu to palace. Charu tells Chaturbhuj that she is spy. Durga tells Chaturbhuj that police can do anything if the latter ruined their plan then. Charu says that Chaturbhuj may end up in jail. Durga warns Chaturbhuj to return to his house. Chaturbhuj agrees to return to his house.

Durga and Charu reaches the palace. They gets relieved that Chaturbhuj left. They gets shocked seeing Chaturbhuj there. Chaturbhuj tells them that there was so much crowd in the railway station so he has to stay tonight in the palace. He says that he called his servant so he will come to pick him up tomorrow. Charu asks Chaturbhuj that if anyone saw the latter. Chaturbhuj shook his head. Durga warns Chaturbhuj to not get out of the room and don’t come in front of others. Chaturbhuj asks her to bring food for him.

Everyone sits to eat. Binoy says that he don’t know why his head is paining. Sumona tells him that her head is paining too. She tells Chaturbhuj that only the latter is fine. Chaturbhuj says that he got small bite of cake only. Durga gets shocked seeing original Chaturbhuj. Chaturbhuj says that he will eat in his room and he leaves from there with food and gives food to Original Chaturbhuj.

Bholi asks Chumki that why the latter also did not bring food for her. She says that she will die without food. Meanwhile, original Chaturbhuj goes to the kitchen to eat. He covers himself with blanket. Bholi comes there and screams ghost. She catches him. Everyone gathers in the hall. Bholi brings original Chaturbhuj there. Light goes off and then comes. Bholi removes the blanket and gets shocked seeing Chaturbhuj. Binoy tells her that she should have seen clearly. Chaturbhuj tells Bholi that he went to the kitchen to get food for her but she made him ghost.

Next day, Bholi tells herself that she is seeing Baanke and ghosts and what happened to her. Durga and Chaturbhuj tells original Chaturbhuj to not return and leaves from there. Bholi sees that and gets shocked seeing original Chaturbhuj. She asks him that how he know Durga. She threatens to call the police. He tells her that he is Chaturbhuj.

Later, Bholi tells Chaturbhuj truth to Chumki. She says that she has to find out the truth of duplicate Chaturbhuj. She adds that Durga is behind everything. Durga and Chaturbhuj prays to God. Chaturbhuj tells Durga that it’s itching. Bholi comes there and laughs. Durga asks her that what the latter did with Chaturbhuj.

Episode ends.

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