Jhanvi urff Pooja Sharma a nightmare for the family of Mittals have decided to make her most deadliest and boldest move in the upcoming episodes of the show. Star Plus early evening show Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna is finally proceeding towards the end of its first chapter with the destruction of PK Mittal and family.

With Jhanvi slowly rolling back the reel of her plans, she is all set to eliminate PK Mittal from the world just like he did to her father. In the previous episode of the show we have seen how Jhanvi tricked PK to sign the papers she made with the help of Amma with a secret motive.

Now in the upcoming episodes of the show Jhanvi will try put an end at the lifeline of PK Mittal. Last episode had shown that she made PK agree to come and examine the land first before sealing the deal. She brought him in a vacant place and make him enter a garage area. Tonight she will ask PK to wait for the people till then she will do a call on phone. She comes out of the garage and locks PK inside.

Here Kabir will get to know everything about Jhanvi and Suhashini which forced the latter to disclose the entire truth to Kabir which left him in utter shock. Jhanvi will put fire in the garage and leave PK alone to burn alive just like her father. Here Kabir will try to save PK from this deadly attack after he hears Pooja’s words on the phone call with Amma.

Pooja will finally disclose everything to PK Mittal and asks him to ask forgiveness from her father Dr. Ashok Sharma. Will Kabir be able to save PK from this fire?

Will Jhanvi be able to compete her revenge? How the Kabir and Pooja are going to tackle the face off between themselves?

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