Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, the new hit show on StarPlus; has been revealing the secrets day by day.

Earlier we’ve figured Janhvi’s motives and plans, to take revenge for her father’s death from the Mittals.

And how she’s smartly behind all the troubles, which are happening in the Mittals mansion.

We also saw, how she goes to the temple and ask for God’s support, as deep inside she thinks that she’s not doing a mistake by causing pain, harm and troubles to her-  in-law -house.

Yesterday, another character showed up, Amma ( Rajiv Kumar), Who suddenly showed up on Janhvi’s old house’s door; Amma identified Janhvi as Pooja.

Then Amma started remembering, Janhvi’s father and praised him for saving her life; Saying that, if it wasn’t for Doctor Saheb, I would have died long back.

Amma was concerned about Jhanvi’s injury but Janhvi told her the pain in her heart is more painful than her hand’s injury.

Amma also told her not to drag innocent people in her revenge against the Mittals; pointing to Why Jahnvi is using Kavya? Jahnvi told Amma that Kavya has come into her way, she didn’t drag her purposely; and that her dad was also innocent when PK trapped him in a fake case.

In the last few episodes, we’ve figured that Janhvi is not a completely negative character; since she refused to use Aarush in her plan.

She was explaining to her sister Ishani; When Ishani asked her why she didn’t let Aarush witnesses his Mom’s & Kabir’s humiliation? ; that they shouldn’t use kids in their way of destroying the Mittals. Because if he saw this scene now, he’ll grow up with a scar in his heart.

Therefore, We discovered a good side of Janhvi, and the desire of revenge was growing in the heart every day, only because she has only grown up with the image of her father dying, because of PK Mittal,(Ayub Khan).

In addition to that, We saw In yesterday’s episode, that Janhvi is against her sister’s behavior and attitude with Aarush; as she asked her to apologize to Kavya for trying to push Aarush in the pool.

So, Janhvi’s character is having many shades, she is lost between the good and bad in her. But only one target is taking over her mind; which is turning the Mittals into ashes, as PK did to her father.

For how long Janhvi’s real intentions and motivations will be hidden from the Mittals?

What will be Amma’s role; is it negative or positive as she knows Janhvi ‘s motives and plans?!

As we saw in the precap, that Dharuv was following Janhvi’s car.

What will happen next? …Stay tuned for more updates