Pooja’s kidnapping drama in on in “Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna.”

A tied Pooja realizes that its Dhruva who has kidnapped her and can’t believe how low can he get. Dhruv warns her that he will stab her. He gets a call from Kabir and he returns home.

At home, Kabir interrogates Dhruv. Dhruv shouts at him that he shouldn’t allege him with baseless claims.
Here, Inspector shows the kidnapper’s sketch to Amma. But Amma says they dont know him. Rani insist on Kabir kidnapping Pooja but Amma refutes her claim.
At home, Dadaji and Suman rebukes Kabir for doubting his brother.
Chopra instructs Ranjit to spy on Kabir outside his house. Kabir checks on Dhruv at night and finds him asleep. As Kabir leaves, Dhruv opens his eyes. In the morning, Dhruv leaves and Kabir follows him in an auto. Ranjit follows Kabir. In the middle of the street, the auto malfunctions leaving Kabir strayed. He runs behind Dhruv’s auto.
Pooja somehow frees herself and hides. Dhruv gets frustrated seeing Pooja escape. Pooja stabs Dhruv with a broken glass and runs. Dhruv follows him. Kabir tries to stop him but Dhruv pushes him and runs behind Pooja. Ranjeet calls his father and asks to send police ad he have found Pooja.
Pooja runs towards a secluded place. Dhruv walks towards her.

Now, In the upcoming episode viewers will see that Kabir makes an unbelievable decision while Suman slaps Pooja. Later, Pooja receives an unexpected proposal regarding the fashion show.

Sounds quite a roller coaster! Doesn’t it? Share your predictions with us!
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