The episode starts with Pooja being disturbed about Rani. In the meantime, Rani comes crying to Amma and expresses that Kabir offended her before everybody. He insulted her infront of all workers. Rani says he rejected my love also whereas I went for a noble purpose. She says Pooja sorry and requests to affront Kabir consistently.

Later, Jay and Sonali visits the company to offer Kabir lunch and gets shocked to find Kabir is working in the production line when Rani breaks the news to them. Kabir asks Jay and Sonali not to enlighten anybody at home concerning his work. He says no work is big or small, and I have no problem with it. He attempts to eat his nourishment, but Pooja tosses soil in it. She says she doesn’t want to waste his food but she needed him to understand that their earlier days of childhood condition after her dad’s passing.

Here Jay and Sonali are sitting in college canteen when Ishika comes there and charge Jay for not coming to the party. He lied to her and Sonali also takes his side. Later she asked him to confess the reality to Ishika. Jay says, it’s a relationship, many things play a factor here.

Later Pooja sets in her cabin for lunch with Rani and Amma. Pooja advises Amma to deal with the drug business, however Rani demands taking care of it. She advises her to spend the money as she wants and leave the duties on her and Amma.

Amma opens the food box to discover stones alongside a message in that. She discovers Kabir in the processing plant eating her ordered food. He ridicules at her for not having the option to rebuff him. She answers sweetly and guides him to appreciate the sustenance. Pooja gets enchanted to discover laborers on her side and Kabir feels worthless. She takes Amma and Rani out for lunch.

In the meantime, Jay is offering his costly watch to somebody to get some money. Pooja strolling in the eatery with Amma and Rani. He tosses the salt keeper at her however is spared by Amma. He begins censuring her for everything. He says when my board exams are there, you used to wake up till night ..was all that fake? Rani asked him to keep quiet or else she can shout too. More than a sister-in-law you used to be my friend, but what you did with us? Whatever happened to us is simply because of you.

Precap : Pooja calls Kabir at house and asks him to play the role of a water at her lunch party. Rani also joins her there.

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