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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Small misunderstandings to arise between Shravan and Suman?

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Episode begins with Shravan listening to Ayaan thanking Avni to take the blame om herself that it was her idea. Then Shravan slaps Ayaan. Suman looks on. He says this guy isn’t right for Avni. Ayaan says you are misunderstanding. Shravan scolds him. He says he shows he is responsible, it was his idea of bike racing, he can’t even take a stand for his own mistake, he can’t stand for Avni. Avni says you are not understanding. Shravan says enough, I have heard it well. He goes. Ayaan goes. Avni says Ayaan didn’t stop, Shravan should have not done this. Suman says yes, understand his point of view, Ayaan was wrong, Shravan doesn’t like lies. Avni says Ayaan didn’t ask me to lie, I had lied by my wish, I love Ayaan a lot, I know he felt really bad, sorry. Suman says I understand, Shravan cares for you, so he did this, don’t cry, I will talk to him, talk to Ayaan,

everything will be fine. Suman comes to Shravan. She says Avni didn’t have food, a brother cares for his sister… Shravan says but what. She says but you have not seen the other side. He asks what do you mean.

Suman says Ayaan and Avni have shown their understanding, like ours. Shravan says I was not a coward like that idiot Ayaan, I don’t think he is right for Avni, its about Avni’s life. She asks is Avni nothing to me. He asks can she take Kanchan’s place. They argue. She calls him immature. He says fine, I m not mature like you, happy. She goes.

Beena and Ramesh are ready to leave. Kanchan says I have booked the cab. Beena says Dumroo took a leave today when we also have work. Ramesh says he took leave for his family work. Beena asks him to call a plumber to fix the kitchen pipe. Ramesh asks Kanchan to call a plumber. Kanchan says as you say, I also know how to fix. Beena says Bunty said he knows a plumber, call him and take help. Ramesh says who can say that Beena is going for just one day. Kanchan laughs.

Ragini says I made your work easy, I have written everyone’s wish list. Rajender asks them not to burden themselves with the wish lost. Devraj jokes. Shravan comes and says I m ready. Suman goes to Kavita. Kavita asks about Avni. Ragini says Avni said she isn’t feeling good. Kavita asks about Ayaan’s business. Shravan says its imp to get firm, it will happen with trust, time will show result. Kavita says tell him to work hard. Suman gives the bag to Shravan and goes.

Bunty says I will manage this problem, don’t worry. Kanchan says I asked you to get a plumber, you didn’t get anyone. He says I can do this myself, just see. The tap breaks. The water splashes over him. He fixes the tap. He says I did it. She laughs seeing him. She says sorry, I will get a towel for you. She goes. He smiles. She gets the towel and says you can use the washroom, go. He goes.

His phone rings. She answers. She says sorry, Bunty isn’t here. The guy asks are you his wife. Bunty comes and asks did anyone call. She says no and returns the phone. She thanks him. He leaves. Avni calls Ayaan. Suman comes. Avni cries and says Ayaan felt so bad, he isn’t talking to me. Suman hugs her and asks why isn’t he talking. Avni says he got upset with me, he isn’t answering, he is a nice guy, Shravan misunderstands him. Suman says stop crying, I promise, I will work hard to unite you and Ayaan. Avni hugs her.

Avni says thanks for insulting Ayaan. Shravan says he was a coward, he has an ego problem also, stay away from him. Ayaan comes home and tells truth to the family. He says I love Avni and want to marry her. Suman and Shravan smile.