Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suvan corner in making!
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suvan corner in making!

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The Episode starts with everyone seeing Avni. Rajender asks what is he saying. Avni says he is saying right, I also love him a lot. Ayaan says sorry uncle and aunty, I should have told you before, trust me, I didn’t intend to lie, I want to become independent, I wanted to talk to you without the fear of rejection. Rajender says you didn’t get on your feet even now. Ayaan says we will work hard and get on our feet soon. Ragini asks did you tell your parents about it. Ayaan says yes. Rajender says you both knew this, you had hidden this from us. Ayaan says I asked them not to say, I had no courage, but they supported us a lot. Shravan says actually, we thought to tell you all when Ayaan is ready. Ayaan says I m ready to take a stand for Avni and myself. Rajender smiles and says once Devraj comes back from Maldives, get your parents for a talk, Devraj takes all the decisions. Ayaan takes their blessings.

He thanks Shravan and Suman. He says I will never hurt Avni. Shravan says that’s why you took a stand today. They smile. Shravan says you spoke to Ayaan, forgive me. Avni comes and hugs her. She thanks Suman. Shravan says I m sorry. Avni says its okay, I know you love me a lot. She says Suman didn’t doubt our love, you are the best. He says you will forgive me now, Suman is everything for you, and for me also, she is the best. Avni goes. Shravan tries to kiss Suman. Suman asks him to control his anger. She goes.

Its morning, Bunty talks to Shravan on phone. Shravan says you had hidden it from me. Bunty says I didn’t tell the girl till now. Shravan says fine, tell me, who is the girl, what’s her name. Bunty says no, I will tell you after I tell her. Shravan teases him. He says its a good news, did you tell her. Bunty says I think to tell tomorrow, its my special day. Shravan asks what is it, any ways, I m happy for you. He ends call. Bunty says he doesn’t remember my birthday, great.

Suman says mum and dad’s flight would have landed by now. She says they will know Ayaan’s truth first. Shravan says leave it on me, I will give you a good news, I thought this happened before but it happened now. He says good news is that, Bunty is in love. She says what, who is the girl. He says he said he will propose the girl. She says its his birthday tomorrow. He says we will plan his surprise party for him, I pretended that we don’t know it, I m very happy, I m waiting for tomorrow.

Devraj and Kavita come home and meet the family. Devraj says Kavita loved shopping there, I was busy paying the bills. Kavita gives the gifts to everyone. Devraj asks Avni about her business, is it going fine. He asks what happened. Rajender says I want to talk to you. Devraj says say it. Bunty meets Kanchan at the cafe. He asks how shall I tell her. She thinks will he tell me anything or not. He says its a special day tomorrow. He says I don’t remember. He says think, okay leave it, its not that special. She smiles. He pays the bill. She says I can’t say that I have planned something special for your birthday.

Devraj asks why did you hide this from us. He says our children are sensible, they couldn’t understand us, we are not too old that we don’t know love, you always hide about it, I still love Kavita and took her to Maldives. He asks Rajender to call Ayaan’s family for a talk. Avni thanks and hugs him. Devraj jokes that he wanted to become an actor. They all laugh.

Suman goes to tease Shravan. She says you were saying you will manage everything, you got scared of dad’s scolding, you will be fine now. She says everything is going good, with Bunty also. He says Bunty is always with me, he supported me, now its my turn. She says its risky to propose the girl on birthday, if that girl refuses then his heart will break. He says why will she refuse, he is a diamond. They have a moment. Ek duje….plays….

Suman invites Beena and family in Bunty’s surprise birthday party. Beena says Kanchan went to attend Dolly’s birthday party. Suman calls Kanchan. Bunty answers the call.