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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Shravan vs Suman

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The Episode starts with Suman asking Shravan is he ready with the preparations. Shravan says yes, I have made everything ready, the gift is so special that Bunty will cry happily. Suman asks what is it. Shravan shows the whiskey bottle. Suman asks what, are you going to gift this. He says yes, its a dream for him, its expensive. She says okay, its expensive wine. He says Bunty will understand it. She says we don’t have alcohol on birthday. He says you are trying to call us drunkards. She says yes, Kanchan used to get angry on Ramesh when he got drunk. He says its not for Kanchan, but Bunty, he will dance seeing this bottle.

She says fine, I will get something else. Bunty says Kanchan doesn’t remember my birthday, I m not special for her, I will tell my feelings to her today. Kanchan calls him. He says I m just leaving, sorry to get late. She says no, stay at home, we can’t meet today, I have office work. He gets sad and says fine, duty first, maybe some other day. She says sorry. He gets angry. Kanchan takes the gift for him. She says I feel nervous, I hope he likes this gift.

Beena comes and asks what are you murmuring alone. Kanchan says I m going to meet Dolly. Beena asks which one. Kanchan lies to her. Shravan talks to his friends and invites them for the party. He asks Suman to invite her family. Suman says you are really a good friend. Shravan says no, Bunty should get a gold medal for keeping friendship well. She asks what about the girl whom he was going to propose. Shravan says I had to ask him. Bunty gets Shravan’s call. Bunty goes out. He sees Kanchan at the door.

Shravan asks what did the girl say, did she say yes. Bunty says yes. He gets happy seeing her. Shravan says we shall celebrate. He says yes. He disconnects and asks Kanchan to come in. She says I came at this time, you maybe having plans with Shravan. He says no, just one plan now. Kavita says Bunty should get married now. Shravan says why not, we will get him married. Rajender says then there will be two marriages at home, Avni and then Bunty. Devraj says we will celebrate his birthday. Shravan asks Suman did you invite Beena and Ramesh. Suman says no. She calls Beena and invites them for Bunty’s birthday party. Beena says great, Kanchan’s friend Dolly also has a surprise birthday party today, she went there. Suman says fine, I will call her. Beena says another birthday party. Ramesh says they always have birthday parties. They argue.

Kanchan asks Bunty to cut the cake. They celebrate. He likes the watch. He smiles. She asks how is it. He says great. He thanks her. She asks him to wear it and show. She makes him wear the watch. He thanks her. He smiles seeing her. He says no one complimented me except you, I want to say something. She says even I want to say something. He asks her to say it first. She says no, you say first.

She says I will go to washroom and come, then I will tell you. She goes. He dances happily. Shravan decorates the whiskey bottle. He says its an art. Suman jokes. She calls Kanchan. Bunty answers. She gets puzzled.

Bunty and Kanchan confess love and hug. Shravan and Suman look on shocked.