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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Shravan vs Suman

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Episode begins with Bunty asking Kanchan to tell what she was saying but Kanchan says you tell first. Bunty says you have made me gentleman so you tell first. Kanchan says you were already a gentleman. Bunty smiles. Kanchan gets Suman’s call. She keeps on loud speaker and Suman says they have arranged surprise party for Bunty so come here. Kanchan says okay and asks Bunty to act surprised when he goes as she doesn’t want the plan to get ruin because of her. Bunty says I will manage. Bunty thinks now only I need to confess or else I won’t be able to confess. Here, at Malhotras everyone is ready and sitting and talking. Devraj talks to the Tiwaris about Maldives trip. Here, Suman is asked to call Bunty lying to him, Suman feels it’s wrong but she calls Bunty.

Bunty picks the call, Suman says Bunty come home Shravan met with an accident Bunty says achcha. Suman is surprised to listen achcha. Kanchan asks Bunty to act more surprised. Bunty says Suman you are not audible say again. Suman says Shravan is injured and he is bleeding. Bunty says what? Oh god why is this happening to my friend, I am coming right away like a rocket. Suman says yes do come fast. Suman cuts the call and inform others. Shravan says I hope he comes safely.

Here, Kanchan tells Bunty he acted too much. Bunty says let’s go to Malhotras. Kancham says no first you go then I will. Here, at Malhotras everyone is still waiting for Bunty. The door bell rings and it’s Bunty. Everyone wishes him. Shravan takes him to a corner and says this is a nice watch, bhabhi gave you? Bunty blushes. Shravan asks she said yes na, after giving the watch I feel it’s yes. Bunty shys. Kanchan comes and wishes Bunty. Shravan says wait Kanchan, today you will not be spared to just wish my friend Bunty without gifts. Kanchan says he will get his gift soon, I promise.

Everyone cut the cake and feed each other. Shravan gives his present to Bunty saying he will love it. Bunty opens and one imported alcohol bottle is found. Beena will say what gift is this? Someone who loves to drink only he will be happy. Rajendar says gift is something given out of emotions. Beena says Bunty you like to drink so much. Bunty says no it’s not like that, I feel I am hungry. Everyone goes here and there. Bunty tells Shravan what he did, he would have made him landed trouble. Shravan will say from when are you so worried about Beena aunty’s talks. They tease Bunty. Shravan tells Bassi and Suman how Bunty proposed to his love and she said yes. Everyone congratulates Bunty but Kanchan gets heartbroken hearing this and thinks Bunty has someone else. She excuses herself from there and goes. Bunty is worried for Kanchan and follows her. Bunty and Kanchan meet in Suman and Shravan’s room. Kanchan says congratulations, you never told me about your girl and love.

Bunty says I know you must be very hurt. Kanchan says why will I be hurt? I am happy for you. Bunty says actually I didn’t confess ti now so whatever Shravan says has not happened, I am worried what will she say. Kanchan will smile and say she will say yes. Bunty says how come you know? You don’t even know her. Kanchan says your buddhu girl, Bunty says don’t call her buddhu she is a sweetheart. Bunty says I love you to Kanchana nd Kanchan says I love you too Bunty. They both hug.

Precap: Suman and Shravan see Bunty and Kanchan hug each other. Later, at night, Shravan says he is happy for Kanchan and Bunty. Suman will say I can’t believe Kanchan likes Bunty. Shravan and Suman quarrel.