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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Shravan faces a big challenge

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The Episode starts with Shravan seeing Suman. Avni comes and compliments Suman. Shravan goes. Avni says I can help if you and Shravan have any fight. Suman asks Avni to go and attend guests. She asks Shravan to behave normal in front of the guests. He says I know how to behave normal. Devraj and family meet Ayaan’s family. Ayaan says Shravan and Suman were also in love, so they understood our love. Rajender says they have a good tuning. Kanchan talks to Bunty. She smiles hearing his silly talks. She says I am stitching.

He says you know stitching, what else do you know. She says spend time with me, you will know it. He says I planned to always stay with you. She says when will we tell at home. He says Suman and Shravan will help us. She says you talk to Shravan, I will talk to Suman. He says yes, then we will give a good news to the family. She says done. He says I love you. She says love you too. Devraj says we will fix the date. Ragini says its good that Avni’s alliance is fixed, get sweets, Suman. Suman gets sweets.

Avni and Ayaan smile seeing each other. Suman says your face is glowing with joy today. Avni says you always helped me, you are the best. Shravan looks on. He goes to meet Bunty. Bunty says I got serious in life, I have to get married and settle with someone. Shravan says I m always with you, don’t worry. Bunty says elders do the talking, but you know about my parents. Shravan says yes, I know everything, you will tell them or not. Bunty asks how, you know my dad, he left my mum and remarried, he started a new life, I was in his old life. He gets sad.

Shravan says I m with you. Bunty asks for help. He says talk to Suman. Shravan says I can’t see it confirmed, she is much busy, she has much work. Suman asks Kanchan to say what did she see in Bunty that she liked him, just give a reason. Kanchan says Bunty isn’t good looking and dashing, I like his simplicity, I don’t think about my looks when I m with him, I just think that I had fun with him, I m good the way I m, you said one is lucky to get a friend like Bunty, one is lucky to get a life partner like him, Shravan and you come to talk to mum and dad about us. Suman looks at her.

Shravan comes home. He says Bunty asked me to help, I said yes, but you are busy, you can’t come. Suman says Shravan, you didn’t ask me and decided this, things change in a day, I will come with you to talk to Ramesh and Beena. She says Bunty’s love changed Kanchan, she loves Bunty, she has grown up, she was happy when she spoke about Bunty, you got overprotective about Avni, I got overprotective about Kanchan, sorry. He also apologizes. She says I think we will always forgive each other. He says there won’t be misunderstanding if there is love. She says yes, I love you Shravan. He says I love you too.

Beena says Bunty’s alliance can’t happen with Kanchan. She says you have no job and house. Suman agrees with Beena. Shravan argues with Suman. They both get angry.