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The Episode starts with Shravan saying you can handle Avni’s matter well, no need to share anything with me. Suman says right, no need, we are one, actually Avni loves someone, so she refused for marriage, don’t worry, she is fine. He asks who is the guy. She says he is from Bhopal. He asks is Avni serious about him. She says yes. He asks why did she hide this from us. She says guy didn’t settle, his family wants him to settle first, he asked time from her, so she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Shravan says you both scared me, what’s there to take stress. Suman says understand her, small things also give stress, you remember. He says yes, don’t take stress. They hold hands.

Bunty calls Kanchan to say sorry. He says I will go and convince her. He stops and says no, if I go in, she will tell everything to uncle and aunty, I will try to call her again. He calls her. She stays upset. She says he should come and say sorry. He says I won’t lose. He throws a note for her. He says it fell in Kanchan’s room. Kavita sees him going. Shravan and Suman plan to decorate the balcony with the plants. He says I will guess it, it will be the same, its okay, no need to change it. He says I need to talk to Avni, come with me. She asks why, what happened. Devraj says tell me everything in short, what’s the matter. Kavita says I want to say it clearly, I think Bunty has some relation with Kanchan. Devraj asks what did you say, think and say, if Suman hears this, what would she think, would she get happy or feel bad. She says you are right, I m not lying, I really think so. He says its not confirmed, tell me when its confirmed. She says okay, I can tell about Avni, we should get her married now. He says fine. Shravan and Suman go to Avni. Suman says she asked us time. Shravan says why did you not tell us, do you think loving someone is wrong. Avni says no. She looks at Suman. Suman asks him to stop.

He asks Avni why did you hide it from us. Suman says she thinks that family will worry for her. Shravan says no, you are a smart girl, you always take care of us, how did you forget Suman and my marriage, you are my sister. Avni says we have to find a solution together, tell me, how is the guy. Avni says he is from Bhopal, he needs time. He says fine, we will find some solution.

He hugs Avni. Suman says you did an amazing thing. He says I got training from amazing Suman. He hugs Suman. They smile. Gujral asks everyone to participate in more games, go and fill forms, practice well and make the regiment proud. Suman says Shravan had some last min work, he would be coming. Ronak comes there and congratulates her. Ronak says this time I will win again. Shravan comes and says good confidence, but overconfidence is bad. Ronak says I just have confidence. She says all the regiments are practicing well. Ronak asks for Gujral and goes to meet him. Saurabh asks Shravan not to lose to Ronak. Shravan says he was lucky to win when I wasn’t here, your brother has come now. Saurabh says my tiger has come.

Shravan says I have to defeat Ronak, I will teach him a lesson. Suman says we will win. Shravan says lets bet. She shakes hands.