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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Small misunderstandings to arise between Shravan and Suman?

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The Episode starts with Shravan saying I will win the bet, I will win the championship. Suman asks are you saying the truth or joking. He says see how I teach him a lesson, I will show him who is the real winner. She asks is your winning imp or your losing. He says I will show you how I defeat him. She says you will lose to our regiment. He says you will take some idiot’s side instead me.

She says I will cheer you up at home, we will win, don’t be overconfident. He says bet on it. She says you have grown up now, when will you stop this. She says fine. Its morning, Beena comes to call Kanchan. She gets Bunty’s letter. Kanchan chats with Bunty. He asks did you get what I sent for you. Kanchan writes what is it. Beena takes the letter and goes.

Ayaan comes home. Avni asks him to leave. Ayaan says I didn’t come on own. Shravan says I have called him. Suman asks him not to worry. Shravan shakes hands with Ayaan. He makes Ayaan nervous. He asks did you take a bath with perfume, are you trying to hide something, do you smoke.

Ayaan says no. Avni asks why is Shravan talking like ragging. Suman asks do you drink. Ayaan says no, I think you are pulling my leg. Shravan says no, its the start of family introduction. Devraj comes. Ayaan greets him. Devraj asks who is he. Shravan says he is Ayaan, my friend, I asked him to come for lunch. Suman asks Ayaan to touch Devraj’s feet. Devraj says its fine. Ayaan touches Devraj’s feet.

Shravan and Suman see each other. Rajender says we didn’t hear about Ayaan before. Shravan says he just came to Bhopal, he is a start up. Devraj says good, we heard it has much scope. Shravan says his dad has own business, he wants to do something on his own. Kavita says great. Shravan says I said I will help him in setting up the business. Suman says Avni also wants to work, she was also thinking of start up, we thought to make them work on the same project.

Devraj says see how they are helping and moving on. Rajender says sure, we are there to help them. Shravan says yes, we will see the rest. Ayaan dines with them. Avni smiles. Ayaan says thanks for encouraging me. Devraj says all the best, Avni and you start your work. Avni signs to Ayaan. Shravan says we will meet again for paper work. He takes Ayaan outside. Shravan says I m Avni’s brother, remember this, bye. Ayaan goes. Shravan smiles.

Beena shows the letter to Ramesh. She says I think Kanchan has an affair, she doesn’t know I have this letter, she will tell us the truth if we ask by love. Ramesh asks shall I ask her. Beena says yes, we have no problem, tell her that don’t hide anything from parents, I have to find this guy, that guy will be an illiterate, foolish and donkey, who throws stones to send message.

Bunty is with Shravan. He asks do you still use old tricks to impress a girl, like sending a stone with letter to say sorry. Shravan says no way, don’t do this, we never did this in school. Bunty says I m not doing it. Shravan says I have to go for the practice. He leaves. Bunty worries. Kanchan calls him. Bunty says sorry for that, did you get that letter wrapped with the stone. Kanchan says oh no, it means mummy got the letter. He worries.

Suman says I came home early and thought to give you a surprise. Shravan says we will just talk romantic things. They have a dance. She says duties take us on opposite sides, but our love is strong.