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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Small misunderstandings to arise between Shravan and Suman?

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The Episode starts with everyone meeting Suman and praising her for the victory. Ramesh says Beena went to see her brother, she is worried for Suman a lot. He asks will you talk to Beena on video call. Suman says I will talk to her in some time. Devraj asks her to take rest now. Bunty calls Kanchan. Kanchan goes. Suman looks on. Ramesh asks where is Shravan. Suman says I had to send him for practice, he also has a championship match.

Avni says I m there for Suman. Suman asks Ramesh to go home. Ramesh leaves. Kanchan says Suman has won the match. Bunty says I feel good, whatever you say. She asks shall I give you headlines if you like, what do you want to ask. He thinks I will ask just to talk to you. He asks what is Shravan doing. She says he isn’t at home, come here and ask. He says I was coming, I thought you are already there, it will be awkward. She asks why. He says sorry, look forward. She says fine, don’t waste time on phone, come. She ends call.

He says she is talking like first time meeting, maybe she has someone around. Dhua says I told the officers to focus on the championship. Choudhary says the officers are doing their best, sure. Dhua says give my message to everyone. Choudhary says sure. He thinks my transfer will be not done if officers don’t perform well. Shravan practices with Saurabh. He says I will come in two mins. He gets a call.

Choudhary says I hope your practice is going well, losing isn’t an option, I have much expectation from you. Shravan says I m giving my best. Choudhary says Suman won the match even when she had a foot sprain, I expect the same from you. Shravan says we will win this match. Suman says I performed well today, Shravan gave me that energy and courage. Kanchan says you didn’t me credit before.

Suman says its a good feeling when you have someone in your life, when you get someone like Shravan, tough life looks easy. Kanchan asks what do you want, whose regiment should win. Suman says this has no point. She asks do you like someone. Kanchan says Suman, I didn’t think you will question like aunties, its nothing like that. Suman smiles.

Avni and Ayaan work together. Kavita says you said right, papers should be right in business. He says yes, I have to leave now. Kavita goes. Avni asks are papers most important to you. He says I didn’t know I can tell her what’s imp to me, I didn’t had an option to say the truth. She says I m sorry. He says I m very serious. She apologizes. They smile. She says leave my hand, else anyone will see.

Bunty comes and sees them holding hands. He thinks Shravan’s sister means my sister, I don’t find this right, I have to tell Shravan. Kanchan gets Suman there. Suman asks did you sign the papers. Ayaan says yes. Bunty shakes hands with him. Ayaan smiles. He leaves. Avni asks will you have tea, have a seat. Bunty asks who was that gentleman. Suman says Ayaan is Shravan’s friend, Ayaan and Avni are starting a business together.

Bunty thinks to sit quiet. Kanchan says hello? Bunty says sorry, I was thinking, how is your leg now. Suman says its fine. He asks for Shravan. Kanchan says I had told you, he isn’t at home. He says sorry. Suman asks why are you scolding him, why are you saying sorry. Kanchan says I didn’t scold him. Bunty says I m not scared of anyone’s scolding. Suman thinks am I right about them.

Suman talks to her assistant on call. Shravan hears the assistant talking. He thinks Suman should have told that I will win. Assistant says Shravan is here, you can talk. Shravan says give me her medicines, I m going home. He leaves. Suman says why did he refuse to talk to me, he didn’t ask about my injury.

Shravan comes home. Suman says it will be a proud moment if our regiment wins. Kavita says it will be same if you win or Suman wins. Shravan says no, it won’t be the same. Suman looks on worried.