Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2, has taken a slow pace track with Suman ill and her two lovers Shravan and Vikram doing their best to take care of Suman. Vikram wants to stay at home whereas Shravan also came all the way back from Chandigarh.

Kanchan is all hyped about the engagement and preparation of engagement begins. Whereas Beena tells Shravan that he has to stay till Suman’s engagement. Kanchan will also tease Vikram and Suman. Then Vikram and Suman will select designs for ring and try them.

On the other hand, Suman will confront Shravan about why he returned from Chandigarh. But Shravan will avoid the conversation by saying he is sleepy. Like a gentleman he will first take Suman to her room. Then Shravan gets Suman’s diary and he smiles reading about him. But as Suman asks him to return it, he apologizes and goes.

Avni sees her dad and gets emotional. Her dad assures that he will bring everything to normal. Shravan also informs Beena and Ramesh about how he has brought back his house and now he will unite his family. Beena and Ramesh bless him and say their relation is good and is becoming good only. Devraj is shown planning a surprise for Shravan.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see hoe Shravan and Suman will be seeing each other and then Suman learns about a shocking truth that Shravan is shifting, Suman tells him to keep meeting her. Suman feels very emotional and is about to fall, Shravan runs towards her to help.

Will Suman be okay? Will Suman and Shravan ever confess? What is in store for Vikram? The track id taking intersting yet a slow pace in this phase. Whereas viewers are waiting for their favorites to unite, makers are making the track that slow. Keep following Tellyexpress for more, we will bring you the latest updates on your favourite show.