With viewers excited for Shravan and Suman confessing, that day has come. Well Shravan will be unable to resist coming to the engagement. Suman wil come downstairs but she will be looking sick. Vikram will caress her.

Here Avni will try to convince his Shravan that his dad will not like him going to Tiwari. Shravan will say he has always kept him away now he won’t, he has helped enough. Shravan will go to the engagement. Vikram will be happy but Suman will be upset only. Bunty will be happy. Suddenly Vikram is about to make Suman wear the ring but Bunty cuts the fuse and light goes off and ring falls from Vikram’s hand. They all start searching while Shravan takes Suman to talk.

An upset Suman is not ready to listen to any drama or stories of Shravan. Then Shravan will confess his feelings and Suman will cry out of happiness. Suman will be about to go as she thinks they might get the ring but Shravan shows how he managed to take the ring. They both are emotional. Here Ramesh finds the fuse and light comes back. Shravan acts as if he found the ring. Vikram thanks him and is about to start but Shravan will stop him but at the same time Devraj will come and taunt Shravan and his immature love for Suman. Shravan will try to make Devraj understand but Devraj won’t.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Suman will cry and Vikram will consol her saying she is a friend first and to tell him the matter. Devraj saying let’s see how will Shravan reacts when something happens to Tiwari family, and if he will care for their family or his.

What will happen? Are there more trouble in store for Suman and Shravan? What is Devraj planning? What will be Vikram’s reaction to Shravan’s confession? Keep following this space for more.