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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Small misunderstandings to arise between Shravan and Suman?

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2, has been grabbing the attention of the viewers with it’s amazing pairing of Suman and Shravan as the main leads. The wedding track, a dream track for the viewers really made it big. Post marriage, Suman and Shravan are now facing their first challenge after marriage. With both being army officers, they are uncertain whether their postings will be together or not. This has taken a toll on the couple and specially made Suman sad. While Shravan get’s his promotion and is happy, he gets to know that his posting is in Bhopal, itself. But instead of being happy and letting Suman and his family know, he is sad and devastated as being a army officer he likes action packed adventure and wanted a posting in a place like that. Here, Suman who will be missing Shravan will be asked to go on a picnic before the celebrations of her promotion. Though she will try to back out but her seniors will make her agree.

In the upcoming episodes, Shravan will come back home sad and tell his parents. Suman who is out on picnic will call Shravan and will hear Avni’s voice and get to know that Shravan is home, she will feel sad that Shravan didn’t tell her about his return before. Suman will be sad but she will try to hide it infront of the team. Later on Shravan will make Suman smile by his surprise. Suddenly a girl shouts for help so Shravan rushes there and he jumps into the sea and swims to save the girl.

Who is this girl? What connection she will have with the couple? Will Suman be able to make Shravan happy about his posting? What is the post wedding challenge for Suman and Shravan? Will there be more clashes between Malhotras and Tiwaris? Keep following this space for more information about the twists and turns in your favourite shows.