In Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2, we are seeing the twist of Shravan being called on duty. Suman tries her level best to stop Shravan but all goes in vain. Viewers are on their edge of their seats to watch Shravan and Suman unite. In the upcoming episodes, Suman will start to miss Shravan immensely. She will be shown that she forgets that Shravan is not there. She notices all their moments and acts wierd where as Kanchan questions this attitude of Suman.

Suman is happy to get a call from Shravan who says to do him a favour. Suman sends him the pics of file he asked from his cupboard but then sees his towel and remembers there moments together. Suman later reads the snapshots of that file which is about a very dangerous mission that Shravan is on. Suman will get more upset.

Vikram and Sophie will be seen talking, where Sophie tries to learn what all has Suman has told Vikram about Shravan. Vikram closes the matter before it begins saying it’s her past and it was a childhood crush thing and he doesn’t care. Vikram asks her what has Shravan told her? Sophie says this much only. Sophie tries to test Suman by calling her for a plan as Shravan is out of town. Suman is already tensed seeing the file details, hence makes an excuse of being ill and declines the plan. Kanchan sees Suman lie and asks her what is the matter? Suman avoids the question. Suman is praying that somehoe Shravan should return. She finally gathers courage and writes to Shravan to come back soon to find his old Sumo back.

Later on, more twist is about to come when everyone expects Suman to know where Shravan is as she is his doctor and Veer to say Shravan, Suman is happy and runs to him.

Will Suman and Shravan successfully confess? What will Sophie do to bring the truth infront of Vikram? To know all these answers keep following Tellyexpress. It will keep you updated about your favourite shows.