In Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2, viewers are waiting for a nice plot twist to show Shravan and Suman together fast. As per the current track, Suman calls Shravan in park. But Suman will write her diary and will sleep while waiting for Shravan. Till the time Shravan comes, Suman is asleep and Shravan adores her. Shravan takes her pic and thinks that Suman is trying to tell something but I am unable to understand, I so feel for Suman. Shravan thinks how he will leave the house soon and let Suman stay happy.

Next day, Sophie would have arranged a parlour girl and all the girls go. Suman asks if Shravan came yesterday, Shravan says yes but you slept. Suman says sorry. Shravan says it’s okay.

At the wedding, Vikram will be observing Suman and Shravan. Shravan asks about Sophie to Vikram. Vikram says you should know about Sophie. Shravan says yes. Shravan goes to search Sophie and Suman looks on. Sophie will be sad and in a room. Shravan will try to make her understand how they are so good friends and nothing more can happen but she shouldn’t hamper her life. Suman thinks that this is a right time to talk to Shravan.

In upcoming episodes, we will see how Suman taked the case back and tells this to Shravan. Shravan asks for reason but Suman murmurs.

Will Suman tell all her feelings? Will Vikram know something? Keep following Tellyexpress.