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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Where will Shravan get his next posting

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Sony TV’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 has gained some major TRP numbers due to the wedding track of Suman and Shravan. The wedding and all the pre wedding rituals happened fast. In the current track, Shravan will get a call where in he will get to know that he will get promoted. Everyone is happy specially Kavita and Devraj. Suman is happy but fears the posting part. Shravan has to go to a different place to get his promotion letter and also his next posting details. The reception will end and at night Suman will not be able to think about anything else but the posting news of Shravan.

In morning, both Suman and Shravan will be practicing badminton there Suman will say as a wife I don’t want you to go but also I want you to be happy. Shravan will make her understand how she should play well and ein the match for them. Suman will agree on understanding the situation and helps Shravan pack. Suman will not come to see Shravan off while he is leaving. She will wave while he goes but Shravan will not wave back. Suman will cry. but then Shravan will call Suman to balcony and say bye and will say we will meet soon. Suman will be happy.

In the upcoming episodes, Shravan will get a promotion and become major. He will get his posting in Bhopal only. Shravan wanted a posting in high field work area but he will be happy to see Suman. Suman calls Shravan and tells him that she misses him.

What will happen with Shravan? Will Shravan be promoted? Will Shravan be posted? What is the post wedding challenge for Suman and Shravan? Will there be more clashes between Malhotras and Tiwaris? Who will be a cupid for Shravan and Suman this time? Keep following this space for more.

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