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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Shravan vs Suman

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The Episode starts with Shravan thinking of Suman. Suman comes on the terrace. She sees him and smiles. He also smiles. He thinks I still remember that time when it was just a dream that you will be mine, I can fight anything, I can’t stay without you. Avni comes to call him for breakfast. He sees Suman gone. He asks her to go. Avni says Suman will have breakfast. Devraj says he didn’t come on dinner at night. Avni says I didn’t do enquiry. Shravan comes for breakfast. Devraj asks ready for duty. Kavita asks why did you skip meal. Suman comes home. She says sorry, I was going to come at night, Veer got hurt and insisted me to come. Kavita says you should have told someone.

Suman says I had messaged Shravan by Beena’s phone. Shravan thinks I had messaged Suman, she will be hurt if she reads the message. He goes to office. He thinks Suman will not forgive me, how to stop her now. Suman comes. He asks her to come in. She says we can’t forget what Bunty did for us, I really want him to get happiness, when Kanchan loves her, its double happiness for me, Kanchan and I spoke about it and thought to support him. He asks about her phone. She says I will check it later. She goes.

Shravan meets Bunty. He shares his problem. Bunty asks why did you fight. Shravan thinks I can’t tell you why we fought. Bunty says you have written that message, how would she feel. Shravan says she will feel bad, I will not let her read the message, you help me. Bunty asks how. Kanchan gets Bunty’s call and asks how are you. Bunty acts. He says stay there, my phone isn’t getting network, do you have anyone to repair the phone. Kanchan says yes, I have given Suman’s phone for repair. He asks about the shop. She tells him. He thanks her. Shravan gets Bunty’s call. He says I have got the shop’s address, no fear when I m here, don’t worry. Shravan thanks him. Shravan gets called from Choudhary. Suman comes to give some files. Shravan thinks to convince her.

He comes home. He takes flowers for Suman. He gets Bunty’s call. He asks did you do the work. He worries. He calls Suman and asks where are you. Suman is in her house. She says I m here, where I should be. He apologizes. She says you asked me to take a break, did I spoil your life. He says no, I was waiting for you last night, I had called you. She says you could have called me out, I would have come, you sent a message to me, you told your decision. He says I didn’t wish to hurt you. She asks how did you hurt me, you broke my heart. He says I m coming. She says no. He asks why. She says our relation was based on trust, it seems like…. falling weak, I will come when you trust me. She ends call. She goes. He looks on sadly.

Suman and Shravan miss each other. Bassi asks them to suggest him a good life partner.