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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Shravan faces a big challenge

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Episode starts with Shravan wondering all the moments with Suman before and now how Suman says there is no trust. He comes late to the dining table for breakfast. Devraj says what happened to you Major, we all learnt from you to come early for breakfast but you are yourself late. Before Shravan could answer, Kavita says he works so hard let him take some rest too. They eat breakfast. Devraj asks about Suman, Shravan says she went to Tiwaris. Kavita asks why? Shravan says to talk to Beena and Ramesh about Kanchan and Bunty and also Vir’s wound needs some healing. Kavita says Avni’s marriage will keep everyone busy, Suman should return soon.

Here, in Tiwari’s dinning table, Ramesh says it’s good Suman is here or else, Kanchan is busy in phone and Vir is busy playing outside. Beena asks Suman if everything is fine there, as Suman seema off. Suman says no I am fine. Ramesh and Kanchan start pulling leg of Beena, they all laugh. Beena says call Shravan for dinner tonight. Suman tries to chanhe the topic.

In the cantonment, Shravan is thinking about Suman and then thinks to inform Suman about the reason he told in Malhotras. He is about to go to her but stops as he thinks Suman will get frustrated seeing him. So he decides to text. He writes in a message, how he told everyone at home she went for Vir’s wound and talking about Kanchan’s and Bunty’s marriage. He also types how he never thought after marriage also they will be this far and he misses her. Suman recieves the message a d types how oy one day of separation madr her believe that she can’t stay away from Shravan but then deletes it all and writes okay, I have told the same.

Here, Bunty and Kanchan discuss about how to convince Beena and Ramesh for roka. Bunty thinks to talk to them too. Kancham shares her feelings about feeling that Suman is in trouble that’s why she is in Tiwari. Bunty thinks if he tells Kanchan then there will be trouble and she will worry so he says no you are overthinking, she migjt havecome to talk and convince Beena and Ramesh. Kanchan says maybe.

Here, Bassi calls Suman and Shravan to one place. Bassi shows them pics of girls and says whom you feel is right. Suman says you have to marry so you decide. Bassi says from the moment I have seen you both, you inspired me to get married and how beautiful marriage is. Bassi says My family is pressuring me but I feel happy as I have seen you two. Suman thinks Shravan is silent, maybe he doesn’t care about our fight. Shravan thinks, if I say anything you will take it wrong so I won’t say anything.

While going Shravan says Suman I know you are feeling uncomfortable, and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable so I am going and I make sure it won’t happen again. Suman says even I know you are feeling uncomfortable, and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable so I am going and I make sure it won’t happen again. They both part ways.

Precap: Shravan doesn’t let anyone help him. He says love brings lover back but with time.