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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Shravan faces a big challenge

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The Episode begins with Suman gets busy in Avni’s wedding arrangements. She meets the family. Kavita asks Suman to get the dresses. Suman goes to her room. She sees the room and thinks of Shravan. FB shows their sweet moment and romance. Shravan comes to his room. Suman says I had come to take a box. Shravan helps her. He stumbles.

She holds him. Avni comes and asks them to come downstairs. She says you both look good together, I will click a pic. Avni says pose well, stand close. Shravan holds Suman. They smile. She asks them to come, Ayaan’s family has come. Ayaan’s parents talk to Avni’s family. Rajender gets shagun. He says we have one daughter, all this is blessing for her. Avni’s roka happens.

Bunty meets Kanchan. He says I got a promotion. Kanchan says congrats, I m happy. He says I applied for a home loan, it will happen soon, don’t worry. He says yes. They talk about Suman and Shravan. They fight. He stops her and say we shouldn’t fight for their matter. She asks him to say sorry first. He says so fights start this way between husband and wife. He says sorry Kanchan, its my mistake. She says its okay, my focus is on Suman and Shravan. He says everything will be fine.

Kavita says we will keep the marriage after 2 months, time will pass soon. Shravan goes to drop Suman outside. She asks why did you think I won’t come. He says I felt you will avoid me, why did you take a leave. She says you tell me why did you take leave. He asks her to tell first. He says we took the leave by same reasons, what do you think. She gets Veer’s call and says I will come. He says come soon. She leaves.

Shravan calls Suman for a meeting. She gets his love letter. She cries seeing Shravan and runs to him. Shravan runs to Suman. They meet.