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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Small misunderstandings to arise between Shravan and Suman?

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The Episode starts with Suman asking Shravan about the Maldives trip. She says we can’t go there, shall we send mum and dad, tell me. He says you are the world’s best wife, mum and dad will be happy with this trip. She says we can talk to them about Ayaan. He asks what’s the hurry, let them come back, then we will talk.

She asks why, we can make a start, we will make it final after they return. He says give me time to know him well. She says he is good, so we are helping him. He says no, we are helping him because of Avni. She calls him cute. They have a pillow fight.

Avni and Ayaan have a talk. Jhumri and Dumroo look on. Ayaan makes an excuse. He says we shall go on date today. She says my family won’t allow. He says try for it, I will wait for you, because you will come. He goes. She thinks of something. Suman comes. Avni says Shravan loves you a lot.

Suman says yes, but he doesn’t compliment me. She asks Avni to ask her whatever she wants, she is like Kanchan for her. Avni says I have to go in a party, please convince the elders, they will listen to you. Suman says fine, but stay safe, call me on reaching there, tell me if you get late, I will come to pick you. Avni says yes, you are the best. Suman thanks her.

Avni is leaving. Shravan stops her. He asks where are you going at this time. Avni says its my best friend’s party, I booked a cab. He says I will drop you. She says no, I will go. He says tell me the address. She says I told everything to Suman. He says fine, tell me also. She says I don’t need to explain always. He says I will always be your elder brother. She says thanks for spoiling my mood, I don’t want to go now. He says okay don’t go. She goes to her room. He says I have to ask Suman what she told her. He gets a call and goes.

Avni gets Ayaan’s call. He says I m waiting for you. She says sorry, I can’t come. He says sorry, you have to come, I m waiting, I will stay in this cold weather all night. He disconnects. Avni leaves. Its morning, everyone dines. Suman says we have won the Maldives trip.

Devraj says good, when are you thinking to go. Suman says we are thinking that you both go on that trip. Kavita asks why, you should go. Shravan says we can’t leave our work, duty always comes first.

Suman says we will be happy if you both go, enjoy a bit. Shravan says dad didn’t take mum anywhere, think its a gift from our side. Devraj thanks them. Devraj asks shall we go on second honeymoon. Kavita gets shy. Shravan asks for Rajender, Ragini and Avni. Devraj says they will come, Avni’s room door was locked. Shravan and Suman go to see Avni. Shravan asks why didn’t you come for breakfast, were you at home. Avni asks then where else. He says don’t get angry, have breakfast.

He goes. Suman says you can’t scold her. Shravan says she is the youngest, we care for her. She says she told me that she is going out. He asks did you ask her, where is she going, you didn’t ask her and gave permission, she is my younger sister, you should have asked me. Suman says she didn’t go, you would be happy now. She leaves.

A guy tells Shravan about Avni. Shravan gets angry and takes Avni and Ayaan for a talk. He slaps Ayaan. Suman looks on.