With the day of Shravan and Suman’s confession coming closer in Ek Duje Ke Vaaste, we are in for a treat with the duo feeling the love stronger and stronger. With Rupali’s wedding, the couple is imagining themselves in such a position but both think the other one is happy with their current partners which is not the scenario.

With the wedding coming to end, Beena gets emotional during the Bidai. After everyone takes a leave. Suman reveals to Shravan that she took her case back. Suman gave the greatest gift to Shravan by saying this. Shravan asks for the reason to which Suman will say now that her father is no more the justice or case won’t bring him back instead it will just break other people. Shravan thinks about how his new life can be started but at the same time he is unable to stop thinking about Suman. He kisses a pic of Suman. On the other hand Suman has filled her diary with Shravan.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Suman gets ill and here Bunty tells Shravan that Suman took back the case maybe she still has feelings for you. Shravan will now feel curious and ask Suman directly to which Suman will agree how she was lost in love so she withdrew her case.

Now it will be fun to watch how the story unfolds. Will Shravan and Suman be together now? Keep following this space for latest updates.