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The episode starts with Suman telling Shravan that she has understood that he is the special friend she wants to have in her life. They shake hands as Shravan says that they will be best friends forever like their fathers from now onwards. “Kitna chahne lage hum” plays. They are happy. Shravan says that they should eat sweet to celebrate this. He cuts a piece of cake and realizes that it’s Dadu’s one so he apologizes. Suman says that from now onwards friendship is on and no sorry between them. They feed cake to each other smiling happily.

At the same time, Dadu bashes Devraj for how Rajinder insulted Vijay calling him home. He says to Devraj that he should stop playing games and also adds that he isn’t worth of anything and he doesn’t deserve Vijay’s friendship at all. He bashes and warns Devraj without letting him even speak or listening to his apologizes and then leaves. Beena has overheard whole the conversation through window.

Later, Dadu is seen standing in front of his late eldest son’s picture. Damru comes to call him as everyone is waiting for him to have lunch. Dadu asks him if he has ever wondered, like others, why he cannot stand civilians. He tells him to leave and that he is coming in a while. He talks to the frame saying that it is not that he hates civilians but he cannot bear their mentality to keep themselves and their family ahead of country, like his mother (Dadu’s wife) who eventually left them.

Vijay asks Damru to go to check if Devraj needs something since it’s been a lot he has gone to washroom.

Dadu keeps talking to his son’s picture saying that he was so proud when he told him that he wanted to join army but his mother thought he wanted to make their son like him. He says that he regrets not having chance to spend time with him after he went to hostel and he had thought to enjoy together after retirement but never got the chance. Dadu says that he sees his wife’s mentality in Devraj’s family as they put themselves ahead every time and, even though they pretend to be like them, he is sure that they are just opportunistic and using Vijay for their business.

Dadu goes back with others and joins them at dining table. He apologizes saying that Major Bakshi called him. Vijay says that it’s his special day so he will get lots of calls. Dadu notices that his cake has been already cut and questions about it. Suman says that it looked tasty so it got a slice. Dadu says that it’s ok. Beena wonders how he is behaving so calm like nothing has happened after showering so much anger on Devraj. Damru comes and says that Devraj is nowhere in the house. Vijay says that he must be there only. Shravan says that he will call Devraj.

Shravan calls Devraj who has gone back to his house and is now drinking alcohol. Shravan asks about his whereabouts. Devraj tells him that he had to leave for an important work and asks them to have lunch and then come. Shravan and rest of family is confused. Dadu says that it’s ok as the work must have been very important. Vijay says that he had cooked so many things with love though. Dadu asks Beena to pack food for Devraj when the Malhotras will be leaving.

Then Dadu cuts the cake with others and tries to cheer everyone up telling jokes. Vijay thinks that he might be upset but is trying to keep everyone happy.

Everyone has lunch. Youngsters are sitting together. Shravan stares at Suman who is laughing and talking while having lunch. “Aap humari jaan ban gaye” plays. Bunty and Kanchan notices that Shravan is lost into Suman.

Vijay is upset because Devraj left without even thinking about Dadu’s respect and left.

On the other hand, Vijay tries to get food from kitchen but he blanched his hand while getting food out of microwave. He breaks some dishes. He is drunk and hurt recalling Dadu saying that he isn’t worth of Vijay’s friendship. He asks what he has done to be unworthy of this friendship. He isn’t able to walk stably.

Later, Kanchan and Suman hug and exchange cheek kisses with Avni thanking her for coming. Then it’s Shravan’s turn and he is about to hug Suman as well but they stop. “Ve Maahi” plays. Shravan comes close to Suman to kiss her cheek but she just smiles and calls him “buddhu” before shutting gate and leaving. Shravan sighs seeing her but just when he is about to turn around, he hits his back with Suman’s one as she is right behind him. He looks at her and starts stepping towards her while she backs off. She gets pinned against gate. Shravan is about to kiss her cheek but bang his head against gate as it was all his imagination. He smiles.

Episode ends

Precap: Suman tells Kanchan that from today onwards she and Shravan have become best friends like their gathers. Shravan excitedly tells Bunty that now they have become those friends who share everything with each other. On the other hand, Beena tells Anjali what happened between Dadu and Devraj and Anjali says that they have to do something about this mistake by Dadu and not let it affect Devraj and Vijay’s friendship. The next morning, Shravan walks in the garden of Tiwaris’ house but ends up falling in puddle and get dirty. Devraj and Vijay exchange glares from their respective balconies. Kanchan looks at Suman cleaning Shravan with water pipe and thinks that Shravan likes Suman as “more than a friend”.