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Shravan has shower in the washroom of Suman’s room and then calls Bunty asking him to bring his clothes without making stories. He asks him to get a good shirt and her deo and come to Suman’s house. Suman scolds Shravan knocking the door from outside since he is using her washroom. He opens the door and Suman sees he has used the towel. She gets even more angry and scolds him. Dadu comes but Suman sends him away with excuse. On the other hand, also Bunty makes excuse in front of Rajinder and sneaks out from house.

Later, Dadu takes lesson and asks the students to submit their essays before leaving. Beena comes and says that she has stopped pani puri man so that students can have it. Dadu is hesitant to allow them but students get very excited.

Bunty leaves clothes for Shravan in Suman’s room but she gets angry when she sees mess there. Suman takes Shravan’s clothes out from the bag and says that now he shall show how he gets out from this mess.

On the other side, Beena tells students that Dadu allowed them to go to have pani puri and everyone leaves. Beena asks Kanchan to go to check where Suman is and then leaves too. Suman comes downstairs and Kanchan asks whose clothes she has with her. Suman tells her that they are Shravan’s clothes and she is teaching him a lesson because he made a mess in her room and even used her towel. Kanchan says that she doesn’t give her towel to her too and adds that she has influenced Suman who is becoming naughty like him. Suman doesn’t agree and then both leave to have pani puri.

Damru is cleaning Suman’s room with broom when he notices Shravan hiding under the bed. Shravan takes his help to get out.

All students have gathered around pani puri stall. Bunty comes there too. Beena asks him where Shravan is. Bunty lies that he isn’t feeling well. Suman says that he must have made a mistake and hiding now. She laughs with others. Bunty thinks that she won’t spare Shravan now. He says that he will have pani puri too.

Suddenly everyone starts laughing as Shravan comes there wearing a purple kurta followed by Damru. Devika whispers to Suman that her bf looks great in every attire. She clears that she meant best friend.

Vijay asks Shravan why he is wearing Damru’s clothes. Shravan starts lying: he says that he always felt like Damru was lost and he was also thinking about his essay on dignity too; he understood that Damru was all lost because he was absorbed in serving his family and not making mistakes. Vijay asks what’s the link with clothes. Shravan very convincingly lies that he wants to see the world from Damru’s view and this is the first step and he will write his essay on this basis as well. Vijay praises him. Devika wonders how he is able to fit logic in his stupid talks. Suman thinks that she would have believed him too if she didn’t know the truth. Vijay asks Shravan if his father is home. Shravan replies yes. Vijay says that he will call him and leaves. Shravan whispers to Suman that he won’t let her go easily. Suman says that he will not let her go if she will let him touch her.

Kanchan suggests to do competition of having pani puri. Suman says that they used to play this when they were kids. Beena says that even she is ready to do that and asks Suman when she grew up so much. Suman agrees. Shravan decides to participate too in order to defeat Suman and take revenge from her as she stole his clothes. Bunty whispers to him that he can’t even have spicy food but Shravan is keen to compete against Suman. Aneesh says that the winner can ask for anything to the one who will lose. The pani puri competition starts.

Shravan wins the competition and Aneesh loses. Shravan asks him to say in front of everyone that he is a loser. Aneesh gets angry but eventually has to admit that he is a loser. Bunty mocks him. Shravan and  Suman laugh. Kanchan looks at them and says that she will show Suman what Shravan feels in his heart for her.

Episode ends

Precap: Dadu sequesters Shravan’s phone when it rings during lesson. Kanchan tells Suman that Shravan is surely in love with her and if she doesn’t believe her, she can even check his phone. Suman decides to check and thinks that Kanchan is right. She calls Shravan and asks him to meet her next morning. Shravan gets happy. Suman and Shravan sit together the next morning and Suman holds his hand.