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The episode starts with Shravan asking Suman if she will just catch the kiss. Suman says yes and leaves. Bunty teases Shravan who is lost in the moment and happy with the flying kiss.

Later, Suman and Shravan water their plants and bets on whose plant will grow first. Shravan says that he will give the flower to her first. Anjali comes and Shravan immediately hides. Anjali asks her about the plant.

 Suman says that it was near only but she smelled it late. She talks about it passionately. Anjali praises her. Anjali leaves but just then, Kavita comes. Suman hides. Shravan copies Suman’s lines and Kavita asks her whether his mind is ok. She says that this work is for gardener. Kavita leaves asking Shravan to come inside. Shravan gives a note to Suman who scolds him for copying her lines.

Shravan says that what’s hers is his also. Suman agrees and asks him to remember that. Shravan leaves. Suman reads that the in chit, Shravan asked her to meet at chai stall as he needs help.

After a while, Shravan and Suman meet at chai stall. Shravan sees her reading books and asks her to go to home if she wants to study only. Suman tells him that Vijay will pick two students, a girl and a boy, and declare them best students.

Shravan suggests her to go home. She is about to go but Shravan stops her and says that he is missing Vijay’s classes as he used to learn a lot even though he joined for her. He wants to best male student and prove Vijay right as he has seen a spark in him.

 Suman holds his hand and says that she will bring class to him if he can’t come. He asks how he will bring both theory and physical activities to him. She asks him to trust her.

The next morning, Vijay holds class. He asks for Shravan but he hasn’t come. He ends lesson after which Suman passes notes to Shravan with the help of Kanchan too and also helps him with physical activities recording his videos.

Shravan and Suman spend quality time together. “Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum” plays. They have ice cream together, water their respective plant, Suman helps Shravan with lessons too and shoots his video while he does physical activities.

They go on bike rides too. After days, Shravan asks Suman if she will surely hand over his videos to Vijay. She assures her that she will and notices that he is nervous even though he denies that, but she knows him well.

Devraj pays someone for a work related to the deal and says that the rest of the money will be given to him after the work is done. On the other hand, Vijay is all set to return to his command the next day. Anjali is thoughtful. Vijay says that he will miss her.

Vijay holds his class with students. He explains how unity is important. He gives a speech about it. Shravan witnesses everything from his house. Vijay thanks every student for giving him the honour of being part of their journey.

 Students get up and clap for him. Vijay says that he got all final performance reports. Suman says that Shravan gave his one to her so that she can submit to him. Aneesh speaks up and says that Shravan left the class without permission which is not allowed. Shravan hopes for Suman not to take his side and let Vijay take his decision otherwise he might suspect them.

However, Suman takes stand for Shravan and Vijay accepts Shravan’s report. After everyone leaves from class, Suman looks smilingly at Shravan.

At night, Vijay asks Suman if she told Shravan the activities of class. Suman says that he asked her and he is her buddy so she did. Vijay asks whether she shot the videos too. Suman lies that Bunty did. Vijay asks her to meet with Shravan the next morning. Suman wonders if he got suspicious.

Later, Suman meets Shravan and both are worried that Vijay might have understood that there is something between them. Shravan asks Suman to promise her to blame him for everything if their families come to know about them because his father already thinks he is a duffer but her father is so proud of her.

Suman denies and asks him to promise to face every difficulty together, holding their hands, without fearing world and to stay together in every situation forever. She forwards a hand towards Shravan who holds it and promises her that.

Episode ends

Precap: Devraj messages someone not to let Vijay reach on time. At night, Suman calls Shravan and asks him to come to the SuVan corner at midnight for his birthday since there is a surprise. At midnight, Shravan is about to leave to meet Suman but his family turns on the lights surprising Shravan. The whole room is decorated for his birthday. Devraj announces a good news: Shravan is going to America. Suman overhears that as she is on call with Shravan.