Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suvan corner in making!
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suvan corner in making!

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The Episode starts with Suman and Shravan talking about the decor ideas. How Suman likes a carpet and Shravan thinks Suman is doing according to herself. Then they joke around. They have a moment. She jokes. He says Avni is very confused. She asks did you talk to Avni. He says no. She asks him to try and see. He goes to get ready.

Suman checks Ayaan’s I love you message on Avni’s phone. She worries. She goes to Avni. Avni asks when did you come. Suman says you can share everything with me, you can tell me, what’s the matter. Avni says there is nothing like that. Suman shows the message and says someone has sent I love you message to you, I was finding something and saw your phone there, we all worry for you, so I m speaking to you, if you aren’t comfortable to talk, then I will not force you.

Avni stops her and says Ayaan and I love each other, but… his family isn’t agreeing, because they think he should not think of marriage before he settles. Suman says its not wrong, give him some time, you can tell this to everyone. She says everything is getting fine gradually, I didn’t wish to upset him. Suman asks her not to worry. She goes.

Kanchan calls Bunty. He doesn’t answer. She leaves a message for him. He takes her call. He says I didn’t like it, you lied to me. She asks what. He says cake got spoiled, why did you lie to me, I m not so smart like you, will you say any lie and fool me. She says sorry, I thought to not tell you, I lied to make you not feel bad. He says I m very happy to know this, just call me Bunty. She says fine Bunty, what’s your program today.

Suman and Shravan go to the furniture store. They don’t select anything. The man asks them to come back in the evening. They agree. Suman says I will meet you here in the evening. They leave.

Bunty meets Kanchan at a cafe. She asks him to use his sense sometimes. She says I got this cake for you to say sorry, you take this home. He says leave it, you use your mind sometimes, listen to me carefully, I stay alone, there is no one with me to have the cake. She says you will have some neighbors. He says no, I don’t have anyone, I just have two friends, Shravan and you.

Kanchan asks what. Bunty says I am your friend, you are mine, you know what I want to say. She asks him to say what he means to say. He says I mean to say that we both are friends. She says of course, we are friends, I mean yes. They smile. He says we both will finish this cake today, can you? She says you let me attack on the cake. She eats the cake. He smiles.

Suman talks to the lady officer. She asks her to go home and take care of her daughter. She says wish her from my side, just go, its okay, I will handle her. Suman gets Shravan’s call. She says I got busy in work. He gets upset. Suman comes home. She sees Shravan sleeping. She relaxes on the chair and sleeps. He wakes up in the morning and sees her. He comes to give her a pillow. He gets breakfast for her. He gets ready. He wakes up Suman and asks her to have tea. She says I slept here, it was a hectic day, sorry Shravan, I forgot due to work stress, are you angry. He says if I was angry, would I make good tea for you, leave all this, enjoy the tea, we will go later, I have Kavita’s list also, maybe she wants kitchen items. She nods. He asks did you talk to Avni. Suman says I spoke to her, she told me and asked me to share it with anyone. He goes.

Suman asks how did you like this carpet. Shravan says I won’t say this. The man asks Shravan and Suman to participate in the contest. Suman registers. Shravan asks why did you register in the contest.