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The episode starts with Ramesh confronting Kanchan and Suman about whose piece of paper was the one he found in their garden. Suman lies that it belongs to Shravan and it is a piece of the script of a play they are working on. Ramesh asks how it got burnt. Suman says that it got burnt with a candle. Kanchan adds that Shravan got scared by fire and threw it in their garden. Ramesh trusts Suman and leaves. Kanchan is thankful to Suman for lying and saving them. Suman says that it really belongs to Shravan.

On the other hand, Kavita scolds Shravan because he hid about his girlfriend from her. She doesn’t want a girl like Devika as daughter-in-law. Shravan says that she keeps calling him a child and she is talking about daughter-in-law now. He says that he might not keep his heart on one single heart. Kavita scolds him and warns him not to break any girl’s heart. She doesn’t want Devika in Shravan’s life and is ready to accept him going to USA and coming back with a foreigner. Bunty overhears everything and wonders from where Devika made her re-entry in Shravan’s love story.

Later, Bunty praises Shravan for handling the situation but Shravan cries because he had to lie to Suman and Kavita, the most important people in his life. He is frustrated because he isn’t even able to tell Suman what he would like to shout. He is in pain. Bunty wonders how Suman couldn’t understand the hint Kavita gave her.

Shravan says that Suman has her own dreams and have no time for anything else. He asks Bunty to leave all this as only he is affected by this love so he will take care of himself. He cries because he is unable to handle all this.
At night, Devika asks Suman why they are going to Shravan.

Suman asks her to wait two minutes. They go upstairs and reach Shravan’s room. Kavita is there too. Shravan sends her away. After Kavita leaves, Devika asks Suman what is happening as she also took back her white dress. Suman apologizes to both of them and says that the dress had Shravan’s feelings attached with it since he gifted the dress to her with lots of love.

Shravan and Devika both forgive her. Suman says that she wanted to tell all this that day only but only now she understood that they shouldn’t hesitate to share anything with their friends if they aren’t wrong. Shravan looks down. Suman asks her to confess if he has ever lied. She hopes he says the truth now otherwise she will have to hurt her. Devika is confused about what is happening. Shravan asks whether she is talking about what he said in front of his mother. He says that it was true.

Suman asks him to openly say that again if it was true. A thunderstorm is heard. Devika asks Shravan to hurry up. Shravan is hesitant and says that he can’t. Suman asks him what he wants as he is not saying the truth and not even being able to lie in front of her. Devika asks what they want from her. Shravan says that he should leave. Suman says that she will drop her so he doesn’t need to worry about her. Devika leaves because he can’t stay anymore.

Shravan gives back to Suman asking her to leave since weather is getting bad but she surprises him saying I love you to him. He turns around with a smile which disappears when she asks why he couldn’t say these words to Devika. Shravan says that he doesn’t know. Suman asks him how she can believe that his feelings are real if he keeps lying even though both of them knows the truth which means that his friendship is fake too. Shravan sheds tears.

Suman leaves. She is sorry because she had to hurt him but she has to bring his feelings out.
Shravan decides to tell Suman everything and calls her asking her to wait downstairs for him. He goes outside. Suman is waiting for her. She asks him to speak. He says that, before listening to what he is willing to say since long, she should understand that she is very special to him. He says that he is going to tell her the biggest truth of his life. He finally confesses that he loves her. Suman is taken aback.

Shravan says that he used to open his shirt button because she liked that, he ate spicy pani puri because she had to win, he bear all the insulted by Dadu just for her. He says that he used to make hundreds of excuses to stay with her. Suman understood that he joined study group for her too. He tried to impress her but failed. He adds that he decided to give up his love when she said that she wants him as her best friend since nothing is more important than her happiness for him.

Suman says that it means that he couldn’t win over his feelings after promising to be friends forever with her. Shravan says that he knows it is wrong to hide his feelings but he did this to keep their friendship, which she wanted, to stay intact. He says that he was ready to forget his love for their friendship. He holds her shoulders and asks her to read his eyes if he wants: he loves her.
Episode ends

Precap: Beena tells Shravan that Suman is ill so he won’t attend class. Beena goes in Kanchan and Suman’s room and touches her forehead. She says that it is warm. Suman coughs. Shravan is seen running and falling down, getting hurt.