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The episode starts with Suman trying to explain Vijay that Shravan doesn’t distract her but he is the one who taught her to believe more in her dreams and keep dreams and love together. She says that she felt bad to see him disappointed.

Vijay says that he thought that she could recognize what’s wrong and what’s right. Suman blames the rift between him and Devraj for Vijay’s behaviour otherwise he likes Shravan too. Vijay doesn’t listen to her and says that she will go to Pune to stay at his friend’s house as also his daughter is studying for army. Despite Suman trying hard to make him understand her, Vijay doesn’t change his decision. Everyone leaves.

On the other hand, Devraj sits near Shravan and apologizes for scolding him the morning of his birthday. He asks him to smile and adds that everyone think that only mother can love her children but also a father does his part.

He says that whatever he did was for him and his happiness, he wanted him to have what he couldn’t get, and just wanted him to focus on his future. He gives Shravan his ticket to USA. Shravan cries and says that he cannot stay without Suman. Devraj calls his love for Suman as childishness and infatuation.

 Shravan gets up and says that he is wrong to think that his love for Suman is just infatuation of few days. Devraj scolds him and puts the ticket to USA in his hands saying that he is departing tomorrow. He leaves. Shravan cries and Bunty tries to comfort him.

Meanwhile, Kanchan tells Suman that Vijay will call her back himself since he loves her a lot. Damru comes with ironed clothes for Suman and asks him to check them once. He takes Bunty’s name. Suman doesn’t want to check and throws the clothes on floor.

Kanchan notices a chit and asks Suman to check. Suman reads it and is stunned to read that Devraj is sending Shravan to USA and he wants to meet her once before leaving. Anjali comes and tries talking to Suman who says that she needs to go to meet Shravan.

Suman goes downstairs. Anjali and Dadi try to stop her but Suman asks them not to stop her if they want her happiness. She walks outside but Vijay stands in front of her. She says that he is doing wrong by stopping him.

Vijay says that even if it’s wrong, she will leave the house just to go to Pune tomorrow morning and will stay there until she joins army. Suman is devastated and keeps saying that she needs to meet Shravan and tell him everything, but she is taken back in the house by her family.

Bunty gives a chit from Suman to Shravan. He reads that Suman is going to Pune and she wants to meet him. He sees his teardrop there and wants to rush to her but Bunty stops him saying that Kanchan told him that Suman is not allowed to go out like him. He says that he will help him.

Later, Kanchan and Bunty helps Shravan and Suman to sneak out from their respective houses. Damru and Jhumri are with them too. Shravan and Suman meet inside a car while Kanchan and Bunty stay outside to guard.

Shravan and Suman hug each other. They cry. Shravan tells her that his father thinks that their love is just infatuation. He asks if it’s so. Suman says that he is wrong and so is her father. She asks him who is the most important one for him. He says that she is the one.

Suman says that this is love only: they understand each other, can sacrifice anything for each other and fate got him transferred near her. They hug. Shravan asks what they should do. Suman asks if he can delay his departure to USA. Shravan says that he is keen on his decision. They cry because they would stay sad for the whole life if they get separated. They agree that they need time to make parents understand their love. Shravan gets an idea. They hug.

Episode ends

Precap: Suman and Shravan look at each other while leaving from their houses in their respective cars. Suman asks Dadu to stop the car as she needs to get something from a store. She goes inside it and Shravan is there too. Vijay and Dadu notice Rajinder and Devraj in car and wonder what they are doing there. Rajinder and Devraj notice them too. The four go out to check.