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Episode begins with Kanchan and Suman coming from out. Suman has brought samosa for everyone. She gives the packet to Damruu and says to serve it to all. Suman then gets reminded of old school days when Shravan used to bring samosas and Suman used to eat it hidingly. They used to have great fun. Flashback ends.


Shravan comes for taking water, Damru gives him Samosa. Shravan says oh wow, I came for water but got samosa instead. He asks who brought this? Damru says Suman. Shravan is surprised and asks for whom? Damru says for everyone. Shravan happily eats and even he is reminded of school days. Before going back to his room, he tries to help Damru make tea. Damru sees his process and fears as it is Suman’s tea. But on insisting, Damru takes the tea to Suman. Damru thinks to tell Suman prior about Shravan ruining the tea, but Suman takes a sip and really likes it, she says it’s just like my style. Damru is relived and goes.


Suman is playing aankh mein choli with Beena, Kanchan and Veer. In between Damru comes and says something, Suman goes in that direction but gets hold of Shravan. Suman says I got you, now I won’t leave. She opens her eyes to see Shravan. Veer and Beena are happy and cheer but Kanchan is not happy. Suman and Shravan look at each other’s eyes.


Sophie comes and sees this. Sophie asks Shravan to come to his room for a moment she has to talk something important. They go inside. Sophie asks that she will be going back and maybe they will not meet anytime soon, so what is actually between you and Suman? Shravan is all quite.

Shravan tells Sophie, how Suman is very special for him and he can give no one that place, these years he has spent alone but with love for Suman. Sophie is about to go and says sometimes you love someone so much but they love someone else. She leaves.

Here, Shravan learns that after he left, even Suman left. Shravan and Veer play and Suman watches and adores them from window.

Vikram comes home to announce that they got a date for case. Suman is not happy. Shravan is tensed and goes to his room. Suman gets irritated and says you should have told me in private. Vikram says yes but I thought to see your face and expression. Suman says I am saying because Beena doesn’t favour this and she didn’t like this. Vikram says I understand and he apologizes

Episode ends.

Precap: Suman decides to take away all the pain from Shravan’s life and also the case. Shravan confesses his love fot Suman to his friend. Suman confesses her feelings for Shravan infront of Kanchan. Suman decides to talk to Shravan about the feelings.