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The episode starts with Suman getting a call from Kavita and asking her how she is. Kavita says that she is fine but she will be better when she will solve her problem. She says that she has something about Shravan’s love to tell to her. Kavita reveals Suman that the girl is in their study group. Suman asks how she came to know it. Kavita tells her that Bunty told her that Shravan goes from home to study group and vice versa only so of course she has to be there only.

Suman is surprised that she didn’t think about it earlier. Kavita says that not even an intelligent person like her thought about it so it’s fine. She asks her to find out the girl. Suman says that she will try. Kavita says that she has to do it as she is smart, like Avni says. She asks her to find out quickly because she is feeling restless. They cut the call.

At night, Suman sits at her desk and is about to sketch but remembers the promise she made to Shravan that she won’t do sketching. Suman says that Shravan is really important to her.

Kanchan comes and says that blabbering alone is her work. Suman tells her that Kavita is behind her because she and Devraj feel like Shravan is in love and Kavita is gathering hints like the girl is from army background and it is in their group study only.

Kanchan pulls her leg saying that in next call she will reveal that she (Suman) is the girl. Suman says that Shravan knows that their friendship is important to her and he has always proved to be her best friend.

On the other hand, Shravan is upset because Bunty has burnt the papers on which he wrote his feelings. Bunty tries to convince him to come downstairs and have dinner but Shravan doesn’t want. Bunty goes downstairs without him.

Kavita stops Bunty and tries to get more hints from him. She says that she knows he knows everything but he is very good at hiding it but now she will find out immediately. She tells Bunty that she got Suman on her side to find out the name of the girl. Bunty gets tensed and makes faces.

When he turns around, he sees Shravan standing there and glaring at him angrily. Shravan grabs him by her neck and asks to tell what Suman will find out and tell Kavita. He leaves Bunty who tells him that Kavita understood that he is in love.

Shravan grabs him again and asks who gave air to his gut feelings. Bunty frees himself and reveals that Kavita knows that the girl is from army background and is in group study with him too. Shravan is tensed because he doesn’t want Suman to come to know about his feelings otherwise he will lose her friendship.

The next morning, Ramesh finds a burnt piece of those papers Bunty burnt and reads it. He gets angry reading “I love you” and starts calling for Suman and Kanchan. He goes inside. Kanchan and Suman come in front of him and Kanchan asks what happened. He asks them what that chit is. He wants an answer. Vijay comes and says that Suman and Kanchan are getting late for class. He asks them to go to the class as he is coming. He leaves.

After a while, Suman sits next to Shravan in class and says that she needs to talk to him. He says that he needs to talk with her too. She shows the piece of paper and asks what it is. Just then, Kavita and Ragini come there with some food to give to Anjali. Suman says that she is inside. Kavita and Ragini leave. Shravan changes his seat and sits next to Devika.

Aneesh comes and asks him to move since it’s his seat but Shravan gives it back to him. Aneesh goes to sit near Suman and asks what happened as it seems like his best friend rejected the seat she reserved for him. Aneesh asks him to mind his business.

Kavita and Ragini go inside and gossip about Devika. Ragini is sure that the girl Shravan loves must be one between Devika and Suman only. Anjali comes.

Kavita gives her kheer which she made following Beena’s recipe. Anjali thanks her. Vijay comes. Kavita says that they had to bring kheer to thank him for making her son so capable. Vijay allows them to come to class and witness how Shravan is doing.

Vijay goes in the garden where class is taking place followed by Kavita and Ragini. Shravan sees Suman looking at them and understands that she is looking at him and Devika suspiciously. She starts talking and laughing with Devika.

Suman wonders what happened to Shravan suddenly as he had even broken his friendship with Devika after their break-up. Kavita and Ragini look at Devika and Shravan. The latter is telling Devika a joke. They laugh.

Later, Kavita and Ragini praise Vijay for his class. He thanks them. Kavita says that he and Devraj didn’t meet since long. Vijay says that he has been busy. After greeting Vijay, Kavita and Ragini go to Shravan, who is talking with Suman, to confront of him.

Kavita asks Shravan why he didn’t tell her about his girlfriend. He denies having one. Kavita asks him to tell the name since he has already seen with her eyes. Shravan smiles blushing and says that it’s Devika. Suman knows he is lying.
Episode ends

Precap: Shravan tells Suman that she is very special to him and today he is going to tell her the biggest truth of his life. He confesses that he loves her.